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10 Date Night Ideas, after the Kids are in Bed

 Busy working schedule, busy family, school, kids my marriage sometimes falls off my list of priorities. Not that I do not enjoy being married because I actually love it. I just run out of stream to put ample time into my marriage somewhere between Lego club, creating dinner and my 125 emails that need my immediate attention. Don’t look at that and think my spouse is not a priority or not important but we both just GET busy. What is the saying if you succeed in one area another one falters? Luckily for me my spouse gets this and we try to connect and reconnect when we can. Since this is a common occurrence in our every day busy lives I have devised a great list of fun DATE NIGHT ideas for AFTER the kids go to bed! 

Get you spark back one date night at a time!

This post was in collaboration with Adam & Eve. All opinions expressed are my own.

1. Enjoy some dessert together. My son can not have sugar so this really is a great treat just the two of us can enjoy!

2. Pour some adult beverages. I usually break out a glass of wine and just unwind.

3. Enjoy some fun games together. Try the Pillow Talk game, Fantasy Affairs or even Casino Boudoir!

4. Couples Would you Rather game. Have you played it? I love learning new things about my spouse.

5. Watch some TV together. We find some great shows on Netflix by scanning and exploring new things. 

6. Enjoy a bath or shower together. I LOVE hearing about the day while soaking in some warm bubbles!

7. Try Neon body paints. Yep you read that right check them out here!

8. Give & receive a massage – Romance needs to be fueled! Relax, unwind and connect with your spouse by working away the days tension.

9. Head to bed early. They say sleep helps everyone’s mood. Sometimes you just need to go to bed together!

10. Have a water gun war. I hear those can be so much fun and bonding. I hope my spouse does not read this so I can surprise them with a Water gun war!

How do you keep the romance alive, comment below? 

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