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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We all know that being a mom is a full-time job! Maybe you don’t KNOW but I am here to tell you it truly is. If you are a Mom(parent really) you have probably have felt unappreciated, taken advantage of, stressed out and a bit crazy at times. Let’s make sure to appreciate those powerhouse women in our lives who somehow manage to get it ALL done! Here is to the mother’s who worry about our children’s hygiene, scraps, BO-boo’s, emotions, schooling, what they are eating, education, what they wear, how they speak to others, the list is endless. Cheers to you! You are doing it, you are AWESOME and YOU are appreciated! Your child will learn through your examples. Remember to take some “you-time” and smile!

Here are a few gift suggestions for you all!!

Have to mention the homemade gifts first. As a Mom I love seeing what creations my little one comes up with! I have been blessed with so many great keep sakes I would be remiss if I didn’t add one in my guide!

Enjoy my “Mother’s Day” Canvas tutorial on how to make this here.

Funny when I was younger I gasped at the thought of getting “cleaning supplies” as gifts. The older I get the more I appreciate them!! They make my job so MUCH easier because I never spend money on these types of items myself. If you have a Mom who could use a nice addition to her cleaning regimen, I recommend the Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop. This is very lightweight and easy to use around and get those stubborn dirt particles that like to go into cracks/corners. Plus, the e-cloth fiber technology removes grease, and over 99% of bacteria from hard floor surfaces using just water and the mop (No Chemicals Needed)!!

The Verizon Network is Nationwide coverage! You are not only gifting a great affordable cellular plan but you will be able to travel and have coverage! Don’t forget to signup for the Verizon Up Rewards while you are at it! Never heard of this?? The Verizon Up reward program allows you to enjoy FREE tickets to sporting events, concerts, movies!!

JOSIE MARAN Whipped Argan Oil Body ButterExperience the replenishing bliss of Josie’s signature ingredient—100 percent pure argan oil—whipped to indulgent perfection. This ultra-hydrating Body Butter features powerful ingredients like shea butter, white tea extract, and avocado oil to nourish and enrich skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants. The lightweight texture absorbs instantly and restores skin’s softness and texture.

I highly recommend turning up the music and listening to summer tunes while sporting these sunglasses! “Love at first sight” Give your Mom some stylish sunglasses and put a smile on her face. They are so comfortable and don’t give me a headache! Shop more styles & designs on EyeBuyDirect here

I personally love getting gifted wine. Not only do I enjoy a glass every night or so but I also cook with it. I have a few favorites but lately my list has been growing! This Bartenura Sparkling Moscato Rosé (pictured above) has become a new staple in my wine cabinet. With a slightly sweet and bubbly flavor it pairs well with just about anything. The bottle is wonderfully designed and perfect as a gift or a night of indulgence!!

Give the gift of home cooked meals. Let the Mom in your life have a break from grocery shopping with one of these fresh ingredient meals ship right to her door! Home Chef has an offer of $30 off your order, Just click HERE

Have a Mom who enjoys the drier side of things? Perhaps this Prosecco Superiore DOCG!  A sparkling wine with a clean, pleasantly fruity bouquet, reminiscent of rennet apples and peach blossom. Its flavor is rounded and well-balanced. Its mellow versatility also brings flavorful sparkle to a small plate brunch or your favorite rich dessert.

Does Mom need a night in?? Enjoy the collection or watch Fifty Shades Freed Unrated now on Blu-ray & DVD or Digital! I read the books before they came out and have to say I was opened up to a whole new world. A fellow Mom introduced me to the series. I had NO idea this sexual atmosphere existed. Because I am an avid believer books are better than the movies I had to watch the films when they came out. Believe it or not they are extremely close to the books and I would recommend a viewing…if you are in to this sort of thing!

Makeup!! Where are all my fashionistas at??? Makeup has entered into my life when under eye bags started taking over. I was introduced to Younique via a friend and have not looked back. I can’t recommend these products MORE!! Right now they are having a HOT deal so I had to share it along with the lady I get all my goodies from ;). 

The TRIO BUNDLE perfect for a flawless face! You choose: ✨ Glorious Primer OR Concealer ✨ Liquid foundation in your perfect shade! ✨ Behold setting powder or spray OR liquid foundation brush or powder puff brush $79- 30% savings & FREE SHIPPING!