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Learning a New Language

This is a Collaboration post. 

Last year I became a Hockey Mom. This year I became a Billet Mom. What is a billet Mom you might ask? Think of a foreign exchange program where we host hockey players in our home for 9 months. We did not have just one or two but 6 over the course of the last 9 months. Some were cut from the team, some were traded and now play for others teams around the world. About six months ago we got a player from Slovakia. Take about a culture shock for all of us. While he is rather fluent in English we know little to nothing about his home country. This was the best time as any to Listen & Learna new language. 

So many people say learning a languages gets harder as we get older. My brain is tired these days I have been pondering if I was capable of doing it. It’s hard to retrain your brain to learn new words and phrases. But let me tell you-here’s the key–you absolutely do not need to know all the words of a language to speak it!! That’s why programs like, Rosetta Stone exist! To help us stubborn older folks while my son can fly through learning a language! 

My next struggle was staying motivated! Best way to stay motivated:

Studies show that people who feel like they’re working as a team (even if they’re not physically together) accomplish more. Luckily for us we have a Slovakian living in our home for the last 6 months!! He can send texts, or just correct us. Although I know for a fact sometimes he makes us say things just to hear them come out of your mouths 😉 Having a friend or family member help you can really keep you from slacking. I find it beneficial and I have become more fluent (http://www.fluentin3months.com)! 

Whether you have a reason to learn a new language or you just want too my best advice is to “Just do it”. Take the plunge! For me I want my son to remember these experiences. Learning a language is something no one can take away from you!