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My Plastic Surgery Experience

It seems that plastic surgery is something people joke about on a daily basis. Maybe because celebrities seem to have too much cosmetic work done or the horror stories associated with a plastic surgeon. However, plastic surgery is still surgery. Whether undergoing breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, it’s important to treat each with the same amount of seriousness. 

When I had my procedure done it was completely unplanned. First, you must have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. For me, I was referred by my primary doctor. They noticed some moles on my face that were “worrisome”. Because of their location, on my face, a simple site biopsy was not available and I needed a specialist.

Later on in my journey I will say I wished I had done more research because I am left with a huge scar down the middle of my forehead that will never go away. If I had known back in my youth that their were options I would have “shopped” around. Instead I was focused on the idea of having cancer that the surgery itself slipped my mind. Be vigilant and do your research!!

Being relaxed and ready for your surgery is key to having an efficient and successful surgery. After meeting with my team of doctors and nurses I was whisked away and put under. When I woke up my face was bandaged and I was able to go home. Three moles were removed in the outpatient wing of my hospital. 

Recovering from your procedure is extremely important. Follow ALL post-surgical instructions and care for your incisions to achieve optimal results. In my case the surgeon cut a large area of my forehead and the stitched never healed together leaving a nasty scar. I don’t think it could have been avoided considering the location and size of my mole but I still wished I had looked for other options. 

Keep up with follow-up visits after your procedure. Most medical facilities will check in on you but keep up to date with your physicals. This was how they caught my cancer early!