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Rent a Car using TravelCar

After scoring some great deals on airline tickets I booked our Spring Break trip! If you missed that post check it out here. When we travel by flight I like to have a car waiting for us to explore the area. May I introduce you to TravelCar, who provide just these types of services!

“They feature airport parking and car rentals in every major city here in the US as well as in 61 other countries. Take the headache out of “shopping” for airport parking and car rentals, they take care of it all”. 

Here are some tips when shopping around for the right car for your trip.

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1. Research is vital! Doing your research is a very important part of  renting a car. Doing your research will help you find the best car at the best price. If you head over to the TravelCar website you can find out what is being offered.

2. Check reviews! I love checking out the Car reviews and specs; to get an idea of the type of car we will need.

 3. Check out the cars features. For instance, you may want gas saving qualities or even a built in GPS. This will be important when you finalize your itinerary for your trip. We enjoy having features like, gas efficient, spacious and A/C in warmer climates.

4. My last tip might seems silly but absolutely positively vital! “Sleep on it” as my Mom would say. She builds Hot robs from the ground up. She can tell you whats wrong with a vehicle just by listening to it and fix it herself. Whenever I am looking for a rental or which Car should we pick I listen to her sound advice and she is so RIGHT! When I find a “great deal” I think I have to have I sleep on it. If I wake up the next day and I still feel that strongly I go through with it. If I have any doubts, I listen to the intuition. 

Interested in trying our this amazing service? Check them out here.

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