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Get your skin ready for the mid-Summer Heat with BestBeautyFinds


Thanks to Bestbeautyfinds my skin has been pretty healthy! Humidity has been around the 95-100% mark this Summer! If you have never been in high humidity first, lucky you! Second, when you are in high humidity your skin hates literally you!! The best way to deal with the weather besides hiding in A/C is to have a regular skin routine. First you need a good moisturizer. The sun strip away all of your natural oil and in many cases burns the skin if you are not wear protection. At night before I sleep I make it a point to moisturize to eliminate any dry itchy skin. 


 “I received products to help facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions expressed are my own”

The Advanced Bee Venom Collagen Oxygenating and Regenerating Moisturizer found on Bestbeautyfinds.com is a great option! It has a very relaxing oxygen facial treatment with the perfect consistency that is neither too watery or to creamy. This particular product: is “clinically proven to help increase oxygen levels in your skin, this rich moisturizer boosts the process of skin’s natural regeneration. 

Side Note: The Bee venom is recovered according to an ethical and ecological process. No bees were injured during the production of this product for the entire Bee Venom range. It is suitable for anyone except skin prone to bee allergies and extremely sensitive skin”.

 I find my skin has less dryness and anything that can help prevent wrinkles is a HUGE plus in my book!


The next suggestion I would recommend for the Summer heat is the Vitamin C30x collagen boostinganti-aging serum by Dynamic Innovation. 

“Deeply renew your skin with potent vitamins. Prepared with an antioxidant blend of vitamin C and retinol, Vitamin C30X Retinol Serum protects and renews your skin to keep it looking young and rejuvenated. By functioning to enhance cellular turnover, the formula can reduce the appearance of age-related faults such as dark spots, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. The concentrated serum is aimed to begin working as soon as applied so that you can enjoy a brighter, tighter, and smootherï_complexion as fast as possible”.

The prices on Bestbeautyfinds.com are so affordable I recommend you adding these to your regimen!!

By adding these to my night routine my skin is completely refreshed and ready for the elements the next day!