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Winter Fireplace Getaways in Huntingdon Pennsylvania

Winter Fireplace Getaways in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Anyone need a little escape from the Holiday chaos? Enjoy this Winter Fireplace Getaways in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania post. I don’t know about you, nothing speaks to me more, than getting warm by a fireplace, sipping some coffee and getting lost in the pages of a novel. With so much focus on technology these days, a little media detox is truly good for the soul. Gosh, if my teenage self could only hear me saying this they would surely cringe!

But, if you are in need of such a trip I have just the place to recommend….

 The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau just so happens to be offering a Winter Fireplace Getaway special. If a group of 8-20 people (bring the entire family) book a stay at participating lodges (two night minimum), you will receive, your choice of a complimentary ON SITE hosted experience. Choose from: yoga, a painting class, cake decorating or coffee cupping class for your whole group. In true travel writer’s fashion I thought I would experience this Winter Fireplace Getaway and share my experience.

After driving the 2 1/2 hour jaunt to Huntingdon County, in central Pennsylvania, I checked into the Edgewater Inn and Riverside Grill. It’s an original farmhouse that dates to 1762. It belonged to the grandson of William Penn and is quite a charming place for one to relax in.

They have some modern amenities but overall its a nice place to just slow down and recharge. With your stay they offer a breakfast buffet at the Riverside Grill and the food is pretty good.

On our first morning we had the pleasure of attending a Cupping class. This is one of the choices they are offering for free (with a two night stay) so I thought it prudent I attend a class. Have you ever done a Cupping Class? I asked several of you on Instagram and no one knew what it was! Thank goodness because when in a room full of writers, I think I was the only one who had no idea what to expect. Coffee cupping is the art of discovering the history behind the beans to cup. Let me tell you there is a lot that goes into this little caffeinated beverage I consume daily!

Greg Anderson from Standing Stone Coffee did an excellent job of entertaining us while walking us through the history of different beans he had brought. Demonstrating the different coffee brewing techniques and tastes.The science of tasting was never more clear during this class. Personally, I enjoy the french press over all other brewing processes!

Next, we hit “downtown” for some lunch at Boxer’s. This little town has some of the best murals scattered all around on local business buildings. I love when areas embrace art like this. I had to excuse myself from the group and just wander and snap some photos.

I had the fresh pastrami and Swiss sandwich and I would definitely order it again. The owners were rather passionate about their community which I found very inspiring. They have some strong views when it comes to politics, government etc. but I think it adds to the character of this place. They showcase them artistically intertwining their love boxers.

Winter Fireplace Getaways in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

After lunch we visited the Swigart Museum. it happens to be the oldest automobile museum in the United States. They have an incredible classic car collection with many models dating back to the early 1900’s.

If you are into vintage cars, licenses plates or vintage toys even you should schedule a visit. I took so many photographs but in the end I have decided to encourage you all to take a trip and see them for yourself! Spoiler alert: they house a Delorean (complete with suicide doors)  AND Herbie from the movie!

Where should you eat dinner? While the Edgewater Inn does have the Riverside Grille restaurant onsite. I would recommend at least one meal at the Three Twelve Kitchen & Cocktails. They house a pretty modern atmosphere, easily business casual attire and friendly attentive staff. I ordered the lamb and it was fantastic. Their cherry glaze was the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a Winter Fireplace Getaway The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau offers several lodging options (not just where I stayed). From a rustic cabin in the woods to a new build cabin. Just scan their website, find a place that suits you, book and take advantage of the free getaway experiences.

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Did you know that Raystown Lake is the largest lake entirely within Pennsylvania?

If you booked a Winter Fireplace Getaway, which experience would you choose (yoga, cake decorating, coffee cupping, painting etc.)?? More Winter Fireplace Getaways in Huntingdon Pennsylvania travel style posts, here.

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