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Things to do near Las Vegas, Nevada

Boulder City in Nevada

To women who will jump in a complete strangers hot rod truck (pictured above), and drive off in Vegas. Because, she loves antiques so much without a second thought! I dedicate this post to my mother because she does those kinds of things and so many more. While I might not recommended that to tourists it does give you a little perspective on the Las Vegas area and surrounding towns. Enjoy my Things to do near Las Vegas, Nevada because it is worth the hype!

Lake Mead Welcome Center

I was first invited to Las Vegas on a work trip and seriously thought it was the city of sin. Boy was I surprised to realize this place has so much to offer both in town and out. We enjoyed our first visit so much we have since gone back several times including with our son and my mother! While I am sure you have heard of the Vegas strip, casinos, clubs and entertainment hot spots did you know there is so much more to this area? Let’s explore:

Boulder City Antique Shops

The mountains are beautiful and probably one of my favorite parts. The first time we ventured to the area we stumbled upon a wonderful little town, Boulder City. Picture antiques, hot rods, fun street art murals and sculptures. Great things to see, purchase and overall it has several things for not only kids but adults too!

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is by far a place you just have to visit. A nice jaunt out of the city where you can hike, picnic, sightsee or take a tour and be in two places at once! It rests between Nevada state line and Arizona. This is a neat thing to do with you kids and my son personally got a real kick out of it!

Lake Mead

Visit Lake Mead. The views seriously are breathtaking if you enjoy that mountain view sort of thing. We enjoyed a little lunch and walk around when stopping. Of course you can rent boats and other fun water things or even fish.

Red Rock Canyon

Take the 17 mile-ish drive to Red Rock Canyon. I wanted to visit on our first trip and just did not have the time. After taking our son this trip I have been kicking myself. This was the highlight of the trip! Each mountain and outlook features something a little different. Since it is a State Park your child can also earn a Junior Ranger Badge!

Red Rock Canyon Nevada

There is so many things to do near Las Vegas that honestly this article could go on and on. I have a few other articles centered around attractions for kids, Vegas strip attractions to free things to do in the area. Seriously, take a moment and check out my website for more guides. I even shared how we travel for FREE and or get the cheapest deals!

Things to do near Las Vegas