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Let’s pack a SnapDragon Apple

Pack a SnapDragon

They say “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Apples have always been be my go-to snack. As a mother, apples are a great option that is not only delicious, sustainable but super easy to pack for on the go adventures. Let’s pack a SnapDragon apple! With more than 152 family farmers growing SnapDragon apples locally in New York, we can easily find them. If you have been following along our SnapDragon partnership journey you might have read about our harvesting fun at Becker farms.

SnapDragon Apple at Whole Foods

My sweet foodies friends what if you missed out on apple harvesting season? After all the holidays are right around the corner. I can’t wait to share all of our apple loving recipes but first where can you find some SnapDragon Apple to pack? While out in Buffalo, New York we made a stop at Whole Foods on Sheridan drive.

Pack a SnapDragon apple

With hints of vanilla and packed with just enough sweetness, Snapdragon apples are a juicy treat to satisfy your cravings. Why do I keep reaching for SnapDragon Apples to pack for my lunches? The monster crunch!

SnapDragon Apple Display

Thanks to Whole Foods I am able to purchase them via the bag or just one at a time. Don’t worry I stocked up for the holiday season because as I stated above I have a long list of great recipes I want to try with them. I hear Charcuterie Boards are pretty popular these days.

Whole Foods

Don’t have a Whole Foods near you (neither do we)? SnapDragon apples are available to purchase throughout the country at many major retailers including Safeway, Stop and Shop, Aldi, Wegmans, and Tops. They have a more extensive store locator list on their website here.

Let's pack a SnapDragon Apple