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Reese’s Pieces Rice Krispy Treats

Reese's Pieces Rice Krispy Treats

When I first moved to an apartment I started making these treats. Through the year so many of my friends come by for them whenever I say I whipped up a batch. I even have one friend who enjoys toasting the marshmallows giving it a campfire flavor. Today, I decided to do a little festive spin by making these Reese’s Pieces Rice Krispy Treats. Super simple to make and easy to clean up so let’s get to it!


What you will need to make this Reese’s Pieces Rice Krispy Treats recipe:

Reese’s Pieces (I found 5 small bags for one price at the Dollar Tree)

1 bag of preferably mini Marshmallows (on this day I could not find any so we used what we had)

4 cups of Rice Crisp Cereal ( add more or less depending on the Marshmallow mixture when melted)

1 stick of unsalted butter

Reese's Pieces Rice Krispie

Slice your butter. I usually cut them at the line marks on the outside packaging. Place them in a pan and melt them. Once the butter are just about melted. add the bag of marshmallows. Mix continually until all of the marshmallows are melted. In a bowl add your rice crispy cereal and then carefully pour the melted liquid on top. If the mixture is to “wet” just add more rice cereal.

Reese's Pieces Rice Krispy Treats

I then dump the whole mixture on a spread non-stick cookie pan. I added the Reese’s on top so that they wouldn’t melt. I place in the fridge until they set. I would say at least an hour but sometimes my family gets to them before that. If you enjoyed this super simple dessert, check out more recipes here.

Reese's Pieces Rice Krispy Treats