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Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York

Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” When you hear about Buffalo, New York, it might be referring to the sport fans, chicken wings or Charities. I can assure you this city has so much to offer that someone could seriously publish a book! Maybe they have.. We have traveled to Buffalo, NY on many occasions for many different reasons. Whether passing through to another destination or for something in particular it is a vibrant city that truly deserves a visit! Enjoy this “Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York” post.

Artifacts at Buffalo Museum of Science

I recently used the Library adventure pass to visit the Buffalo Science Museum with my teenager. He still enjoys dinosaur fossils so we checked out the Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibit as well. One of the biggest draws of this place is how many things have both been added and kept the same. Floors of fun can be had by many different age groups. I would give yourself a few hours to really enjoy it all. best park parking was FREE!

Buffalo Bills Game

Buffalo, New York is home of the Buffalo Bills NFL team. We happened to be avid supports and fans. Now you won’t find me jumping through a white table but my neighbors can attest if a game is on you might be able to hear me shouting. While in Buffalo, go see a Bill’s game! Watch Josh Allen and players hustle down the field while cheering the “Hey-ey-ey-ey song”. Bring your family and roast some hot dogs with the locals. We went to kids day, super fun for everyone. Buffalo embodies family from strangers who become like family.

Buffalo History Museum

Into art? Take a trip to the Albright Knox Museum. They have beautiful sculptures outside, courtyard and paintings galore inside. We have gone a few times and often pair a day visit to the Buffalo History Museum. It was truly prompted by Museum Live Day.

Riverworks in Buffalo

When I visited Buffalo on a press trip a few years back we stopped at Buffalo RiverWorks. They everything from Ziplines, open Roller skating to their carnival Buffal-“O” Ferris Wheel rides. While this post is about family-friendly activities post, this is a great place to come with friends, watch a sports game or enjoy some adult beverages.

Buffalo Naval Museum

Another place I need to mention because they were in the news not to long ago is the, Buffalo Naval Museum. They house a few ships you can tour including a submarine. this was a highlight for our son and we have gone back several times. They have had to put immense work because it started to sink while docked. Supporting places like this is just vital because they are preserving history and it’s always a place kids love to visit! While down town you might also want to make a trip to the Explore & More Children’s Museum. I have yet to take my son but did tour it before it opened. A great place for littles and running out energies with several floors of activities!

Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York

I could make this “Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York” post go on for pages. I will not drag you through all that but I do want to give a few more places to check out in the area or surrounding areas. I know the Buffalo Zoo has a fun light festival going on right now. Depending on when you are reading this though they might have something else running besides the animal exhibits. You can also enjoy Buffalo Botanical gardens. They have a great dinosaur exhibit that we might just surprise our son and take him too. The best place to see up to date events are Facebook or their websites. If your kids are into fossils I would be remiss if I did not mention the Penn Dixie dig site. While not in “Buffalo” it is pretty close located in Hamburg, NY.

Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo New York

I hope you found these Family-Friendly activities in Buffalo, NY helpful. Check out my website for more great places to visit!