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Travel in Luxury with Safara

Number one question I always get asked is how do we afford traveling? I always say ” I shop around” but I do have a few places I always check and usually book with. Let me walk you through how we travel in luxury with Safara!

Travel in Luxury with Safara

First up, if you haven’t heard of Safara it is an invite-only hotel booking platform. They offer properties curated by category, at the best prices + give 10% back EVERY TIME you book with them. Consider yourself invited and to sweeten the deal if you sue this link, they will give you a $100 travel credit!

Safara it is an invite-only

Want to see what we are using our $100 travel credit for?? So we have a big anniversary coming up, cough 10 years. I would love to say, every year we celebrate or go out to dinner at least. Life happened and it sort of snuck up on us. This year, I was super set on going somewhere (anywhere really). With the Safara website map it was easy to look around at near by locations. I just typed in an area and we searched it for the right fit. They have everything from Bed & Breakfasts to luxurious hotels.

Watkins Glen water front

Just like you would expect with all the details and property amenities. I was pretty excited to find some Bed & Breakfasts near some scenic activities. While I want to relax and not work for ONCE, I also wanted options. The Finger Lake region in New York is one of my favorites so of course I looked up Watkins Glen, Corning and Ithaca, New York.

Safara travel website

I booked using our $100 travel credit and scored 10% cash back! It is that simple and easy to do. The prices were competitive with other websites but when you figure in the cash back Safara tends to be less. Want a $100 travel credit to try them out and see for yourself? Just hit THIS LINK and you will provided with a credit in your account just for trying them out.

Safara Travel to Watkins Glen New York

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