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Breathe Better Challenge with FEND

 “As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings.” – Dalai Lama When I think of this quote it reminds me of the reasons we took the Breathe Better Challenge with FEND. After years of living through a pandemic it’s time to take back our lives!

Breathe Better challenge with FEND

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Have you ever heard of FEND? They aim to improve human lives one breath at a time by pioneering a new practice of airway hygiene and hydration backed by world-class science. It’s the world’s first 100% natural way to filter airborne allergens, pathogens, and other harmful particles from the air you breathe. Since we travel so much it’s nice to have something with us at all times.

FEND products

Some FEND facts you might not know: 

• Using a proprietary mist of perfectly-sized droplets and a precise blend of hydrating salts, FEND delivers hydration exactly where it needs to go—from your nose and sinuses, to the end of your windpipe.

• This reduces up to 99% of respiratory droplets, strengthens your upper airways’ natural ability to clean and filter the air you breathe, and keeps dirty air from traveling deep into your lungs or back out into the environment.

• The drug-free solution starts cleansing and hydrating your upper airways immediately.

• The cleansing and hydrating benefits last up to six hours.

• FEND is safe, natural, and drug free.

FEND mist

Our favorite part is the compact packaging. Perfect to toss is a purse, backpack, fanny pack, car or suitcase. The mist helps with added peace of mind along with physically benefits. Getting that peace of mind back is really what drew us to the Breathe Better Challenge with FEND. Want to try it out yourself? Score 15% off on all orders of FEND on hellofend.com with promo code MOM15. Offer is valid through 12/31/22.