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9 Family-Friendly Boat Safety Tips

Chautauqua Lake Boating Safety tips

It must be all the North Wood law shows we have been watching but I have the boating fever. Every person on that show is getting stopped by the Wildlife fishing and game officers for one silly reason or another. Today, I decided to share 9 Family-Friendly Boat Safety Tips for those of us with families. Just to help your next trip hopefully run a tad bit easier and stress free!

Boat Safety for kids

  1. Have proper weight life vests for everyone in your party. Even if you are old enough not to have to wear them. It’s the law and just because you rent a boat you are still required to have enough for everyone.
  2.  Plan ahead. If you need gas, fishing equipment make sure you are fully stocked before taking your boat out. I can remember as a kid forgetting something and we would have to drive the boat back on the trailer to drive to a store. Not at all fun especially for little kids so plan ahead.
  3.  Bring waterproof cases. The first time I took my son out kayaking we had a little mishap with an iphone. Ever since I invested in a little strapped waterproof case and boy it is useful! Bonus tip: Might I suggest on that has a float on the strap…
  4.  Do not overload your boat. I know when someone says they are going boating we all want to join in but remember they do have weight limits.

Family-Friendly Boat Safety Tips

5. Carrying a first aid kit is your friend! Seriously, they sell them just about anywhere and you never know when you will need one. I once watched my brother cast and hook his ear lope. The worst part, he had to walk home like that because we forgot to bend down the hook bur. We didn’t dare take it out without an adult.

6. Keep the boat clean. As you have fun on your trip the last thing you want is someone to fall out or roll an ankle because of debris.

7. Stay hydrated! Yikes, I should have put that at the top. A nice warm day on the lake and you will bake. We always bring along a cooler full of water. I would also add reapplying to sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.

8. Beware of other boaters. I know everyone wants to have a go at driving but just remember not ever angler is always paying attention. Did I mention I have been watching a lot of fishing TV shows lately? There was an episode with someone literally driving their boat on land…. on accident. I mean I personally don’t see how but again be aware of your surroundings.

Boat Safety

9. My last tip is HAVE FUN! While there is a lot that goes into boating. Much more than I have covered in this post. We enjoy going out with friends, families or just ourselves. From fishing to just taking a little scenic cruise keep safety at the forefront and make memories!

9 Family-Friendly Boat Safety Tips

Did you find these 9 Family-Friendly Boat Safety Tips helpful? Did I miss any? Let us know in the comments below.