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Visiting Roaring Run State Park

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.” ― Rabindranath TagoreQuoted photo

Funny story about our trip to the Roaring Run State Park in Virginia a real life black bear was following us 😳.⁣ Now, I want to stop a moment and say this is NOT to discourage your from visiting this particular Park. In fact we have gone back and no such encounter happened. I just want to help educate in case this ever does happen to you.

map to Roaring Run State Park, Virginia
When we entered Roaring Run, I saw the bear trash cans and warned our little man “this was bear country”. At the time it was said as a joke🤦‍♀️ Little did I know that would be a foreshadow and to be cautious.
Roaring Run waterfall at their State Park in Virginia
You never know how you might react when a bear is behind you until it happens. Would you panic??⁣ 

Let’s talk about what you SHOULD do while visiting Roaring Run State Park Virginia:

🐻 They say that’s the worst thing to do is run. So let’s start with that. Don’t panic and RUN. 

🐻 Speak so it knows you are there. We just started talking louder and then sang. Luck for us it turned and ran as soon as it realized we were aware of it’s presence. 

🐻 Look “big”, We always have backpacks on, so this was pretty easy for us.

🐻 Back away slowly, this helps let them know you are not challenging them.

🐻 Purchase some Bear Spray

When we spotted our “friend”, I calmly said let’s keep talking (which later broke out into a song), continued to walk away on the trail, slowly. ⁣ Little man took our example & handled it like a pro.⁣ Later at dinner he said it was the best part of our day 🤷‍♀️🤣. ⁣
Roaring Run State Park, Virginia
Please enjoy the most expensive photo I have ever taken (photo above)!! Directly after taking it, my phone fell out of my camera bag (It was set in) shattering to pieces. I was pretty down about my phone once I realized they discontinued the iPhone plus serious in town 🤷‍♀️ not going to lie.
After a quick search we found a phone repair place & in twenty minutes they had my phone looking/working brand new again! It was a tad costly(not as much as a new phone 🙌 ) but I was happy to pay it.
Roaring run Iron Furnace diagram
We learned valuable life experiences while hiking Roaring Run for the first time. Stuff you just can’t read in books. We saw some amazing views, waterfalls & creatures living their best life. We made lasting memories to laugh about for years to come. Also my photos were completely lost until I signed into my google app. Thank you back up technology!!
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Have you ever encountered a bear or large predator while hiking? ⁣
Does anyone carry bear spray??