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The Best New Jersey Wedding Venues for Your Summer Wedding

The Best New Jersey Wedding Venues for Your Summer Wedding

Weddings can be stressful times so why not avoid all the hassle by putting yourselves in the hands of your wedding venue? The best wedding venues have experts who have organized and hosted weddings for hundreds of happy couples, and they will know exactly how to achieve the effects that you want.

Best New Jersey Wedding Venues

Ocean Place Resort and Spa

If you are looking for beach-side luxury for your wedding, this is the place for you. A fully equipped spa will work out any last-minute nerves, while your guest list can run anywhere from 125 – 650 guests. Weddings are a specialty, with South Asian weddings a niche offering that is particularly well done. Perfect for country clubbers looking to maintain standards, even as they enjoy the proximity to the beach and the sea. Picture postcard views will enhance your wedding photos in a very pleasing manner.

Scarborough Inn For those who like low-key but elegant coziness with a hint of freeform jazz, this inn will suit you perfectly. The inn’s twenty-nine rooms can host over sixty guests, and its timeless 1920s décor and music will give you a welcome break from the hectic throngs to be found just a short distance away. The inn offers a one-stop wedding shop: as well as sleeping you and all your guests, you can have the wedding rehearsal on-site, the actual ceremony too, and the porch makes a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos.

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Crystal Plaza

As the name implies, 1800s old-worlde charm is infused throughout this stylish and thoroughly modern venue. The ballroom can hold up to four hundred people and they promise to have only one event on at any time: meaning that your special day is given the white-glove treatment you deserve. Every room is exquisitely decorated and would make a stunning background for your photos, and the gardens are maintained to extremely high standards of beauty, lushness and welcome: you will not be able to find an ugly spot in the whole establishment, try as you might!

Windows on the Water Indulge your inner Little Mermaid at this coastal themed but elegant wedding venue. The unique name is less a title than a description, and indeed, all the views are breath-taking oceanic panoramas that will soothe and calm your soul – and make wonderful memories to fit into your photograph album.

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Smoke Rise Village Inn

Hosting up to 175 guests, this inn dates from 1892 and has been a highly successful restaurant for over sixty years. This wealth of experience means that your wedding is sure to go off without a hitch – well, just the intended one – and that your wedding needs will be catered for without any issues or snags such as might be found in a newer establishment that is still finding its feet. Your photos can be set against the lake, the warm and welcoming interior décor, the bricked courtyard which offers a wonderful atmosphere to your photos, or even the elegant and sophisticated ballroom which can be adapted to your needs and tastes.

Once you’ve booked the venue and let them know your needs, all you need to do is make sure you can get there. Again, why not leave it to the experts and browse wedding limo NJ here to find that your special day goes as smoothly as you could wish. Did you find this The Best New Jersey Wedding Venues for Your Summer Wedding post helpful?