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Resilience, Persistence, and Kindness: How Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry Continue to Inspire the World

Resilience, Persistence, and Kindness: How Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry Continue to Inspire the World

Resilience, Persistence, and Kindness

How was your life when you were seventeen? If you were like most teenagers, you’d have spent your time dreaming about the endless possibilities that lay ahead. You’d have been busy writing college essays and filling out application forms. Your days would’ve been a mix of anticipation and excitement. Unfortunately, Eyal Edry and his brothers, Moshe Edre and Refael, aka Rafi Edry, didn’t get to live like average teenagers. At the age of seventeen, Eyal Edry had to give up his dreams of earning a degree and getting a respectable job offer. Instead, he had to start working with his father to support his family. His brothers shared the same predicament.

Falling Fast, Rising Faster

Born in Safed, Eyal Edry and his brothers were determined not to let their deprived childhood stand in the way of a better future. Eyal Edry enlisted in the IDF and even served as a patrolling paratrooper. But a near-fatal accident resulted in a spinal injury that rendered him a person with quadriplegia.

Once again, his hopes of pursuing a degree in architecture were crushed. But that didn’t deter him from pursuing higher studies. He went to college, earned a degree in clinical psychology, and built several successful businesses in Africa with Moshe Edree and Refael Edry. What kept them going was their vigor to overcome all adversities and climb greater heights. 

Channeling Compassion

What’s moving about the story of Eyal Edry and his brothers is that they didn’t let their professional accomplishments define their identity. To the world, they’re successful businessmen who run thriving companies in foreign countries.

But deep down, they’re still the underprivileged teenagers whose world turned upside down because of financial difficulties. They know far too well what it’s like to curb your aspirations due to a lack of resources.

That’s what drives them to sympathize with children and teenagers in Israel’s geographic and social periphery. Much like Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry, the youth in the Israeli periphery lives a life mired in deprivation and poverty. Survival is a daily struggle, with no hope for a brighter future.

The plight of these youngsters drove Eyal Edry and his brothers to launch the Ahinoam Association for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities. They’ve implemented various youth-focused welfare initiatives through the organization.

A long-term mentorship program identifies, supports, and nurtures at-risk youth in the Israeli periphery. The organization’s volunteers work with these individuals to create a personalized growth plan and facilitate their integration into the job market.

Similarly, the Ahinoam Association provides scholarships to students from low-income families. The organization’s goal is not to let financial difficulties become obstacles to pursuing education.

Also, they’ve implemented various welfare projects for the development of the Israeli periphery. These include improving the infrastructure of non-profit institutions, promoting awareness for education, and establishing an elementary school library. The Ahinoam association even provides assistance to the Ethiopian youth in Israel.

Fundraising for Israeli Students

Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry’s passion for supporting the youth drove them to launch a fundraising campaign at the onset of the recent pandemic. They realized that almost 400,000 students in Israel didn’t have access to personal computers and, therefore, couldn’t attend online classes.

They couldn’t stand by and watch these students become victims of bureaucratic inaction and neglect. They took matters into their hands, urging ordinary citizens to donate funds and pre-owned computers. Their efforts helped more than 30,000 students continue their education and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Paving the Way Forward

The initiatives of the Ahinoam Association and the efforts of the Edry brothers highlight the power of goodwill and kindness. While governments continue to neglect underprivileged families, Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry are working round-the-clock for their upliftment.

Their story highlights the importance of overcoming all odds, remembering your roots, and giving back to the community. They didn’t just turn their lives around but are helping thousands of children live a better life.

While their initiatives continue to make the world a better place, Eyal Edry believes that radical change is only possible when the government joins hands with welfare organizations.