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Harry Potter Easter Eggs at Universal Studios, Orlando

Diagon Alley at Universal Studios

We just got back from a fabulous trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We have a wizard in our family and it’s magical! The love of the magical world was fueled by reading the Harry Potter book series. When the Wizarding World first opened, my son was a bit small to enjoy it. Then the world shut down when we planned to visit again. After three years we finally made the trip to Orlando, Florida. Since it was before the Northern States Winter Break I figured Universal Studios would start getting busier. When ride wait times were a bit longer we took to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Easter eggs at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Casting magic spells

I can’t stress enough hitting up the Easter eggs in these parks. Most are free things to do within the theme park and they are so much fun. basically Easter eggs are extra things you can do to make your visit more memorable and meaningful. Often times they really made us smile and made the whole experience. On our first trip, I mentioned above, we had know idea these existed. We over looked them completely and missed out. Both the hunt of the Easter eggs and the magical twist Universal does really helps you to thoroughly enjoy the themed areas of Universal and Island of Adventures. Interactive wands for example come with a map of spell locations. They even have a few interactive wands locations not on the map. Just little things that help keep you exploring.

Gringotts's bank

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Easter eggs at Universal Studios Orlando:⁣
✨ Dial 62442 for the Ministry of Magic at the London phone booth⁣
✨ Knock on London doors to see Creature the house elf⁣
✨ Exchange money at Gringotts’s Bank, can be used all over the park⁣ not just in the Wizarding World

✨ Check the Leaky Cauldron sign because it actually leaks water

✨ Order some Gilly weed water and select a magical flavor to turn it different colors.

✨ Visit Borgin and Burkes store to see the Vanishing Cabinet. It even has a little surprise if you stand near it and listen.

EXTRA: Ask any Hogwarts Express worker if they can help you find platforms 9 3/4. They will not break character and say they only have platforms 9 or 10. We had so much fun doing this. It’s free just like many of the Easter eggs but makes the whole experience.

Hogsmeade Easter Egg at Universal Studios

Extra Easter egg at Island of Adventures:

⁣✨ Did you know you could send a real letter via Owl Post⁣? Hit up the outside stand by the Owl Post store located in Hogsmeade. They do offer stamps, stationary and envelops at a cost. Because, I knew we wanted to do this I prepared our letter beforehand and dropped it into the Owl Post when my son was not looking. A few days after we returned home from our trip he got the letter in the mail.

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  1. April 4, 2022 / 5:48 pm

    I don’t have kids but your post me made me feel like I would love to take a bunch of kids on a trip now. Perhaps I could do that one day as a teacher. Loved the idea. Reminded me of home and we celebrated Easter there. Have a Blessed Easter holiday.

  2. April 5, 2022 / 3:15 pm

    My godchild is a big fan of Harry Potter, I even took her to the HP Studios. And I’m a big fan of choc egg, haha, I’m a chocoholic and am looking forward to some Easter choc eggs! Happy Easter!