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7 Reasons to grow Sunflowers

Growing plants in a greenhouse

There are so many reasons to grow Sunflowers in your garden. Sunflowers are used for a variety of things not just for decorations. They can easily be planted in containers, in fields, raised beds or among your vegetables. I have experimented with planting them in different areas. Last year I planted them along our fence and next to sweet corn. When planting sunflowers next to the sweet corn they helped keep them upright without staking them. Sunflowers have been one of the best additions to my garden here are more reasons to also grow them!

Growing Sunflowers

1. Sunflowers help bring the pollinators to your garden. As they begin to open bees are attracted. I love this because it helped several of the other vegetables surrounding them. Anything to bring bees to your gardens will only help them develop.

2. Birds are also attracted to Sunflowers. I had a serious case of pests on several of my plants. I tried so many things to help with the spread. Birds seemed to take care of the pest problems once the flowers started to bloom.

Reasons to grow Sunflowers

3. A great benefit of Sunflowers is the flowers themselves! I found when I went out and cut a few they would push more flowering shoots. Often times they would give three or four more flower heads. The fresh cut flowers I used in arrangements.

4. Help detox and condition your soil. I live on a nice city lot. Some of my soil has needed a complete overhaul. Planting flowers such as sunflowers can really help to absorb any metals within my soil.

Sunflowers in my garden

5. Edible seeds are another perk of planting sunflowers. It’s great to sun dry and season them. I love being able to provide for my family and these have been such a treat for all of us.

6. Hide unsightly things in your yard. I mentioned I live in the city which means neighbors. On one side they take care of their yard the other side the renters use their yard as a trach can. I love planting sunflowers near my fence to hide anything you might still be able to see from my yard. Plus, they provide some much needed privacy.

Western New Yorker in her garden

7. Anyone else feed birds? Grow Sunflowers for Bird feed. In our area bird seed tends to run out so growing my own is so helpful. Sunflowers are a good source of protein, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, magnesium, vitamins B, C, and E.

Do you have another reason to grow sunflowers in your garden?

Reasons to grow Sunflowers