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Planting pumpkins in your Garden

Planting pumpkins in your Garden.

We used to purchase pumpkins but have now ventured into growing our own pumpkins. Planting pumpkins in your garden can be so much fun but requires some serious planning. Seriously, learn from my mistakes! I try to plan out my garden in the winter months including where I want plants to go. Every area has different times on when to plant your garden. I have learned through experience I plant my indoor seedlings after Memorial day.

Reasons to plant pumpkins

last year I made a HUGE gardening mistake when starting my pumpkin seeds. My son forgot to label the seed pots. When the plants started to grow we basically identified most of the plants by their leaves. Unfortunately, two slipped through our radar and were planted in the middle of our garden beds. When you plant your own garden space can get real limited. In this particular case, if you follow on my Socials, you would have seen the one pumpkin plant seriously take over my backyard.

Bees in the garden

The curving pumpkin plant took over a 7 foot trellis and continued into our yard. Please learn from our mistake and make sure to label your plants. Also make sure to give your plants plenty of room to grow because they will take over areas if you are not careful. I have to say when planting them on the end of the beds they helped bring pollinators! I also planted tall marigolds around to encourage the bees.

Pumpkin Plants

The pie pumpkin plat only branched out in the middle of my yard. This one plant ended up giving us pumpkins right up until the first snowfall. It actually weather a few light frosts. All together this pumpkin plant gave 6 nice sized pie pumpkins.

Planting pumpkins

When the large pumpkins grew I did place a screen to help with moisture build up. I am not sure I would do that again because the pumpkin ended up sticking to it. Have you grown pumpkins in your garden? Let us know all the tips, tricks and any advice on planting pumpkins in your garden, in the comments below!

Planting pumpkins in your Garden

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  1. March 21, 2022 / 7:04 am

    It is so nice to see plants growing. And having flower eventually grow into a fruit is wonderful.