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Luxury Hotels and tickets for Cheap

Rosen Shingle Creek Luxury Hotels for Cheap

Everyone keeps asking how we travel so often. How can we afford to travel or score cheap tickets for sporting events like a Buffalo Sabres game. Using this method you can book Luxury Hotels and tickets for Cheap. We are just coming back from a fabulous Florida Resort stay, I thought I would share all of my secrets!! Here goes, start with my favorite Cash back site, Rakuten. No, they do not pay me to say that but I wish they would!
Rakuten Website Luxury Hotels and tickets for Cheap
If you are not using this website before EVERY online purchase, you are throwing money AWAY!! Sign up for an account here, using my referral, and scores $30! You only have to sign up once, I also installed their plug-in on my laptop and it alerts me every time there is cashback available on any online purchase I am about to make. How easy is saving money? You don’t HAVE to use my link but it gives you money. A friend of mine just booked through the link and with the referral money and cashback she gain one whole hotel night free!!
Rosen Shingle Creek pool view
Next, Open an INCOGNITO website tab on your laptop or phone <– This prevents prices from raising for the rest of us. It also gives you the CHEAPEST rate (because they want you to buy them NOW). I used Priceline this trip because they were offering 5% cashback on all purchases instead of Hotels.com 1%. I do use Hotels.com and collect free night stays when they offer a better savings or deal. As you get used to doing this you will learn how to shop around. Once you plug in your preferred hotel and dates go to check out. Don’t check OUT yet!! For the Florida trip we search Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. This particular hotel is one of the best we have ever stayed at. Hands down worth the money so scoring a room for a fraction of the price is amazing.
Front row seats at Buffalo Sabres game
For concert or sporting event tickets, I search for a ticket provider on the Rakuten website. I suggest Vivid Seats because they seem to have the cheapest yet better seat selection ( in my opinion). Find your tickets. Level 100 in our local arena are the best seats (the lower the “ROW” the closer to the hockey glass).
Add to cart, put in your EMAIL (VERY important) and get to the BEFORE checking out. DON’T CHECK OUT YET. Just close the incognito tab.
Nine times out of ten the ticket websites will give you a Coupon Code for 10%-25% off. For concert tickets they show up via your email within minutes or the next day. When they do, I repeat these steps above (incognito tab>>Rakuten>>Vivi Seats (or Priceline depending on what your buying)>>find seats I want, add my “Coupon code” and purchase!
Mazda in Georgia
Because you have used Rakuten you get CASHBACK ( mine goes directly to my PayPal) Roughly 5-15% (which is the tax or processing fee). I get the coupon discount because I waited for a code via email. I get great seats at a fraction of the price and because I used an incognito tab it will NOT raise ticket prices for future purchases.
Now when I booked on Priceline, I signed up for their emails and scored a 10% off code. When it was time to book our rental car I used the same method. Incognito tab>>Rakuten>>Priceline>>Car rental and scored a rental for 7 days with 10% off and my total came to $90.62. I shopped through the Rakuten website they gave me another $7.80 Cashback. Over all my Car rental came out to $82.82 for, 7 days unlimited miles, once you figure in all the cashback and savings.
Luxury Hotels and tickets for Cheap

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