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Beginner Circuit Plant Hanger

Beginner Cricut Plant hanger Project

This holiday season, I found a Circuit machine under my Christmas Tree. I will say it took a good amount of Youtube video tutorials before I felt I could really use it with ease. With all the knowledge I still made mistakes on my first few projects. I hope this easy to create Beginner Circuit Plant Hanger Project will build you confidence if you are still learning. I created two different types of designs using Vinyl.  Cricut Machine

What you will need to create this Beginner Circuit Plant Hanger Project:

New Circuit Explore Air Machine in Gold

Vinyl for the Circuit, I used the Dollar tree kind since it’s relatively easy to use and cheap to replace if you mess up.

Weed and scrap tool

Transfer paper ( I do not recommend the one at Dollar tree)

Foam Sponges

Paint ( I used chalk paint)

Pack of Planters ( I found these at the Dollar tree as well)- You could easily make these as well.


I searched Plants in the Circuit Create space. The examples shown are free and you can easily customize them to your design preference.

Beginner Cricut Plant hanger Project

The first hanger, I panted the entire bottom and then peeler the vinyl off. I set mine with some Clear spray wood poly.

Stenciled Plant Hanger

For the second one (pictured above) I simply weeded out the inside and use it as a stencil. Again I also spray poly to set the design. This was my favorite our of all the one’s I crested that day! I love the clean lines and you could easily create kitchen towels using this stencil method.

Pin for later

I did have one mistake when creating these in the Circuit space. I forgot on the first round to “weld” the flowers. Because I had them next to each other on my vinyl sheet I thought it would recognize them as one group. Because I forget to hit the “weld” button I ended up with two flowers on top of one another. Save yourself the weeding time and learn from my mistake!!


  1. Katie C
    March 20, 2022 / 5:07 pm

    Such a cute design! Thanks for the info – I’m highly considering getting a Cricut too!

  2. March 21, 2022 / 7:41 am

    This is such a cute design. I really need to buy a cricut.