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Review of Sustainable AGent+ Cleaners

I received this product from Moms Meet to help facilitate my honest review. My review of Sustainable AGent+ Cleaners post expresses all my own opinions.

Review of Sustainable AGent+ Cleaners

Time for a full review of these sustainable AGent+ cleaners. Running a business and a household can really be challenging at times. As a work from home boss lady I have to find balance. When my house is a mess, I feel it. Any type of mess will send my slightly OCD mind for a tail spin. I was gifted this nesting kit from AGent+ to try out. I have to say it was a nice change from my normal cleaning routine.

AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants were founded in 2011 by a Wisconsin couple looking for a new cleaning product.

After researching, two key observations were made:

1) many of the “green” products were only slightly less harmful than other undiluted counterparts, and

2) that all the cleaning products require constant application because they don’t offer lasting protection. By combining two natural elements, copper and silver, AGent+ created an environmentally safe cleaner that protects surfaces for up to three days after physically cleaning.

AGent+ Cleaners

One of the biggest advantages of AGent+ is the many different uses for these products:

  • Inside the car, spray it to remove fungus and bacteria causing odors.
  • Around the house, spray it directly on porous surfaces like couches, rugs, stuffed animals, pet bedding, toys—and leave it to air dry.
  • Easily clean and protect hard surface items around the house such as countertops, door handles, cribs, changing tables, light switches, railings, and more.

AGent+’s water-based formulas can be used on almost every porous, semi-porous, and non-porous (hard) surface.

AGentPlus Sustainable Nesting kit

I love trying out products that can help get my chores done fast, effectively and are long lasting. If you want to save 10% on your first order, plus get an additional coupon for a FREE Nesting Refill they provided me with a code to share.
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