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2 Minute Taco Dip

Ready in 2 minutes, Taco Dip is great for game day, a party appetizer, or a finger food dinner side.

Taco Dip

My family just loves gathering around for some delicious foods. On game days I try to stick to easy to make dips and finger food trays. This helps when I need to restock items and our clean up after our guests have left. This 2 Minute Taco Dip is so good it is now a regular staple. If you are looking for more great dip mixes shop around your local Dollar Tree they have a TON!!

Taco Dip Recipe

What you will need to make 2 Minute Taco Dip:

1 packet of Taco Mix – I found this one at our local Dollar Tree

1- packet of mayonnaise or a healthy dollop

1/2 stick (4 onz.) of Cream Cheese I prefer the whipped kind

2 spoonful’s of Sour Cream

Taco Dip Spread

Whip all ingredients into a bowl until combined. Perfect for dipping tortillas, crackers, carrots, celery or any other vegetables you enjoy! You can easily turn this into a Taco dish verses a dip. Simply add it to any taco or burrito as a sauce. I have also seen several people use it to layer in taco ingredients for a main meal. Since it is so easy to make it is super versatile.

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