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Tasting varieties of GOODLES® Mac & Cheese

“I received varieties of GOODLES® Mac & Cheese for free from Moms Meet to help facilitate a review of my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

f GOODLES® Mac & Cheese

Thanks to our friends over at Moms Meet, we were sent a varieties of GOODLES Mac & Cheese flavors to try. It’s no secret my family enjoys Mac & Cheese ( seriously, who doesn’t?). The flavors we got to try out are: Cheddy Mac, Shella Good, Twist My Parm, and Mover & Shaker.

Flavors of t GOODLES Mac & Cheese

As I boiled my noodles, I tried to remember the first time I had Mac & Cheese. Funny story, while I do not recall my first time eating it, I remember my son’s first experience. Most of you know my son’s name is Mclachlan but we call him “Mac” for short. When he first tried Mac & Cheese he was rather hooked. Any other parents reading this and thinking about the time your kids only wanted Mac & Cheese? I mean it seems only fitting his nickname is Mac! Of course, through the years he has tried several dishes but still this is one of his favorites.

Close up of t GOODLES Mac & Cheese

We cooked up the “Shella Good”, from GOODLES first. I know I will get messages about the ingredients along with taste so here goes. These have 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving as well as prebiotics. They contain real cheese, and are non-GMO, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Plated Dish

I am happy to report the flavors are what you expect from any Mac & Cheese. I would agree with the statements of delicious flavor because they do pack that richness one hopes for. With people like Gal Gadot, a Founding Partner of GOODLES, supporting their mission it’s n wonder these hit the flavor marks. If you are looking to purchase, Save 25% on any GOODLES products with code MOMSAREGOODER. Expires 7/31/2022.  My personal favorite out of the varieties of GOODLES Mac & Cheese sent was “Twist my parm”.

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