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Thrillers for Mystery Novel Readers with Female Authors

Caught Reading Thrillers for Mystery Novel Readers with Female Authors

Enjoy this list of Thrillers for Mystery Novel Readers! Everything from Forensic evidence to solving detective stores. My love of reading started at a young age. I find murder mysteries are one of my favorite genres to read! These all are very similar in character development, many have more than one book to the series and super easy to pick and read in many sittings if needed.

1. Tess Gerritsen– I was first introduced to this author when I lived in Florida. The Flagler Beach library had a display of “Staff favorites” and she was the only author suggested on that particular visit. I enjoyed her so much I quickly read through her novels and have ever since! They feature a detective style story from the medical examiners point of view. You might have even heard of Tess Gerritsen before since she wrote the popular TV series Rizzoli & Isles!

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner

2.  Never Tell by Lisa Gardner. #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner returns with an unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D. D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there. If you enjoy the Authors above you will definitely enjoy her titles. Pick up one book or read through a series they are great either way.

3. The Kate Burkholder Suspense Series by Linda Castillo. My favorite librarian actually recommended this series to me. She always comes up with some serious gems when I am stumped on what to read next. It takes place in Amish country ( where I am from). Sheriff and detective Kate Burkholder, once an Amish lady herself, solves crime in the back road towns. Characters in this series are well developed, cases are creative and they are an angle I have never thought of.

The Reckoning by Jane Casey

4. The Reckoning by Jane Casey. The picture above seriously made my day! For any Author to recognize their readers is just means that much more to mean. Because, I read a LOT! I try and read anywhere from 4-5 books a week. How? I am reading at the school pickup line, in waiting rooms you name it. This Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan series is so addicting. I literally burned through the series to catch up with a few weeks. She also writes a Young Adult series that is on my “To-rea” list.

 5. Outfox by Sandra Borwn. She has several books to choose from if you find out that you enjoy her novels. In this book FBI agent Drex Easton is relentlessly driven by a single goal: to outmaneuver the conman once known as Weston Graham. Over the past thirty years, Weston has assumed many names and countless disguises, enabling him to lure eight wealthy women out of their fortunes before they disappeared without a trace, their families left without answers and the authorities without clues. The closer he gets to the couple, the more convinced he becomes that Jasper is the clever, merciless predator he’s sought–and that his own attraction to Talia threatens to compromise his purpose and integrity.

Mystery Novel Readers with Female Authors

Have you read any of the Thrillers for Mystery Novel Readers with female Authors listed?

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