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Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics Review & Giveaway

This Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics Review is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions expressed are my own.

Smile Brilliant Dental Probiotics Review

Did you know Smile Brilliant is committed to providing professional quality oral care products at a price everyone can afford? They have a lab-direct process that delivers professional results at an affordable price easy. Started in 2013, with a revolutionary at-home whitening system. The system allows customers to create custom-fitted, professional teeth whitening trays by simply taking an impression of their teeth at home. Next, drop it in the mail to Smile Brilliant’s dental lab and you on on your way to a new whitening system. At a fraction of the price (typically $500+) you can enjoy a customized dental whitening system at home. With the highest at-home strength of whitening gel to combat tooth sensitivity and block re-staining while whitening.

What do dental probiotics do?

They allow healthy bacteria in the mouth and sinuses to crowd out bad bacteria and improve your body’s ability to fight decay, disease, and infection.

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Most of us have heard of probiotics for maintaining intestinal (gut) health, but probiotics have actually been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body, for skincare and even dental care. Like other types, dental probiotics shift the balance of the existing bacterial composition (microbiome) toward an increased population of “good bacteria”, improving the overall health. Our mouths are healthier with reduced plaque and tartar. Less cavities, gum inflammation and helps to eliminate what causes bad breath.

By simply adding their probiotic dental care you can enjoy whiter teeth from the comforts of your home! It is just amazing the before and after results. Check out the above (before) to the below (after use) pictures.

CariPRO Smile Brilliant Dental Probiotics

Thanks for reading my Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics Review. Check out the Smile Brilliant’s new collection of oral health products:

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