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Book Ideas for Preteen Boys

10 Book Ideas for Preteen Boys who read

Need some Book Ideas for Preteen Boys? At a very young age you could find me snuggled up just immersed in a good book, reading. Being a parent, I wanted to pass down that love of reading to my son. Lucky for me, he just loves to read about as much as I do. From Graphic Novels to Chapter books he always has a stack of books from our local library he is reading. Because he loves to read so much it can be hard to find books to purchase or a series he has not read already. After talking with a few other boy Moms, they also struggle to find new book suggestions.

Here are some great books for boys ( although girls could easily read any of these) I found that work wonders in the imagination realm.

The Treehouse Fun Book for preteens

1. The Treehouse Storey Books by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton ( pictured above). I found this one at our local Ollie’s Store but they sell them all over. My son reads these as soon as they come out! Here is a great review: “Boys in particular will like the burping contests, gross creatures, and ridiculous choices that Terry and Andy make throughout the book. And as if killer mermaids are not enough, there are sea monkeys. And a giant gorilla. And a giant banana. And the return of the catnary. See? Silly, ridiculous fun. Kids will love it.” ―Kris Sauer, Children’s Literature

2. Diary of a Whimpy kid is on the older side of the spectrum again. My son has not taken to this serious as much as some of his classmates. I will say though it is great for kids his age because it talks about school, bullies, friendships etc.

3. Chronicles of Narnia– again back t the Fantasy realm. I loved these as a kid and reading a chapter a night to my son really let him explore different worlds. He loved the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe!

Explorer Academy Book

4. Explorer Academy by Trudi Trueit. After my son requested it at our local library the ice librarian ordered the series. Let me tell you these books FLY off the shelf. This is a great series for adventurers!

5. The Super Life of Ben Braver by Marcus Emerson.  Marcus Emerson is also the author of the popular DIARY OF A 6TH GRADE NINJA series and KID YOUTUBER.

Inversti Gators take the plunge book

6. InverstiGators by John Patrick Green. Welcome to the realm of Graphic Novels. This is a fun series that I would say is similar to a comic book but in hard cover form that is longer reading wise. It has fun illustrations and cases for your reader to solve,

7. Moon girl and Devil Dinosaur by Natacha Bustos. My son just LOVES this series. The illustrations are so fun they remind me of Jurassic Park! He enjoys this so much I actually drew the T-Rex for his hockey sign this year,

8. PopularMMOs by PopularMMOs and Dani Jones. Minecraft-inspired YouTube star PopularMMOs brings everyone’s favorite characters to life in a thrilling adventure to save their friend, battle the undead, and escape the hole new world they’ve crashed into with one unfortunate misstep.

Max Crumbly a Book Idea for Preteen Boys

9. The Miss Adventures of Max Crumbly by Rachel Renee Russell. Rachel Renée Russell is a #1 New York Times Best Selling author and attorney who prefers writing children’s books to legal briefs,

10. National Geographic almanacs-Book of heroes and heroines especially! Talk about a great way to see their favorite charters brought to life by learning things about them. I love educational books mixed with fun so they do not even know they are learning things!

Book ideas for Preteen Boys pin for later

No matter at what age you start reading I hope you just start! It has become such a blessing to share the love of reading. If there is anyway to encourage others to do the same I am all for it! Don’t need Book Ideas for Preteen Boys because you have a younger reader? Check out my article featuring 10 Books for Boys Age 4-7.

What are your favorite Teen/Preteen book series?

Have you read any of these books listed, let me know in the comments below.