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Investing In Solar Panels for Your House

Solar Panels for your house can be a confusing process to decide on the right type of solar panels for home use. You will need to determine the size of the installation you will need, but how will the installation affect the way your utility company bills you at the end of the month, and where do you even start when you have to find a reputable installation company?

Solar Panels on a house
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Step by step

Without solar panels, there can be no solar power, so this is the first and most important thing you will need to figure out – what is the process, where do you start, and how do you know you’re not buying a cat in the bag?

A good installer will be able to furnish you with a full plan of the process, from the budgeting to the requirements and installation costs. There are many ways to get to your end destination.

The price of the solar panels

Thanks to increased demand, the costs of solar panels for home use solar panels for home use has been decreasing over the past few years. More companies joining the solar movement means more competition, and therefore, more competitive pricing. This, combined with tax incentives and discounts, makes the prospect of a solar installation an attractive one.

However, given the high upfront costs of the installation, you will probably also want to know when you will start seeing a return on your investment. The average return on your installation investment is generally a few years, and while 3-6 years seems like a long time to see a return on what you’ve put in, remember that the average solar installation’s lifespan is anything from 20-30 years, the size of the system and the amount of power it is capable of generating will determine the actual period.

Hire an installer or DIY?

When you hire an installer, the process is likely to follow a similar course to this:

Firstly, there will be a consultation. Make sure that you chat with a few people about what the best solar companies in your area are, or simply hit up the good old “solar companies near me” search, to find out who operates in your area, and who comes recommended (or not!).

Once you settle on a company, they will have to analyze your roof, to ensure that it is stable enough to handle the weight of such an installation. The size and cost of your solar panel

setup will be determined by what your household power demands are – another factor a company representative will be able to help you with.

The right company will also be able to advise you on any applicable tax credits that you might be eligible for, thanks to a system of rebates and credits offered by utility companies for those who choose to go solar.

Solar Panels in a neighborhood

How to pay for your system

It is no secret that these magical panels come at a not-so-magical cost, and to help consumers with this, companies have come up with a few options to choose from, in terms of financing their system. Paying upfront will give you greater freedom, as once the cost is settled, you won’t worry about it again, but the amount will be high. Alternatively, you could look at financing, which makes things more affordable, but which has a debt implication.