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Catch Fall Foliage in the Northeast

The Great Pumpkin Farm

The leaves are changing to vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow all around us. It’s time to Catch Fall Foliage in the Northeast. The more I travel, the more I realize not everyone is blessed with these views. If you want to enjoy some fall foliage here are some rather picturesque places we have ventured to in the Northeast.

First place, pictured above, is The Great Pumpkin Farm located in Clarence, New York. They have rolling hills to view the leaves changing while you can enjoy a hay ride! This Farm also has a lot of fun Fall activities for the whole family including Pumpkin contests, Mazes, pumpkin picking and more!

Fall Foliage at the Ithaca Gorge

The Ithaca Gorge, New York. We had the pleasure of hiking this trail on our last trip to Ithaca, NY. Each waterfalls has some lovely foliage around it that was just about ready to turn colors. I bet you can easily find tons of places to stop and take a photo.

The Corning, NY area is next on my list. I have gone here the past two Fall seasons and it never disappoints. Wonderfully located by other great Fall viewing locations, such as Watkins Glen. Here you can easily see the trees change. I would recommend visiting the Corning Glass Museum while in town as well! It tends to be a all day activity but worth a stop while in town.

Griffis Sculpture Park in East Otto, New York

Visit Griffis Sculpture Park in East Otto, New York. It is a perfect location to visit with your family, with other families when warranted and or for homeschooling. It’s home to some of the most captivating, intricate sculptures you’ll ever come across in a lifetime. Just pack a bag and get your hike on.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Jamestown, NY. While you may not have heard of this area Jamestown, New York has a few claims to fame. It was home to the actress Lucy Desi from the “I love Lucy” Show as well as a hub for industry. If you were to visit this town now however, industry is not what you will see.. People flock from all over to tour Lucy Museums or hit the slopes once the snow falls. It is located in some of the best county views having several lakes and streams in it’s vicinity.

Pocono Mountains Fall Foliage

Another new addition to a great location for some colorful scenery is the Pocono Mountains. We captured this waterfalls above on our hike through the Ricketts Glen State Park, PA. Extremely easy to get to and free of charge to those who enjoy some outdoor trails. The leaves are turning, falling and creating some breath taking views!

I was lucky to explore the Historic Town of Romney, WV and Capon Springs. The Appalachian trail hosts several views of the Fall Foliage I believe anyone could enjoy and access! They have dirt roads, hospitality and rich history to soak yourself in. If you are lucky you might even hear blue grass playing in the distance from the Bud’s Collective barn!!

Niagara Falls State Park in the Fall

The Niagara Falls area has some of the most captivating views you will see. If you are traveling to the New York side of the Niagara Falls you should check out their State Park. As you walk around you will see both Falls, Foliage on the banks and statues. Including, Chief Clinton Rickard, the founder of the Indian Defense League.

 Whirlpool Aero cart. A round trip is about one kilometer (3,600 feet), carrying its capacity of 35 standing passengers. We love being outdoors during the Fall time, taking in the wonderful views.

Catch Fall Foliage in the Northeast

Do you enjoy driving to view Fall Foliage??

Have places to Catch Fall Foliage in the Northeast I didn’t mention, comment below!!