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25 Outdoorsy Shows on Netflix

New River Gorge National Park Preserve

Who needs 25 Outdoorsy Shows on Netflix to watch? We love the outdoors! When we can’t be hiking the next trail, fishing, camping we can catch our favorite shows. I have so many suggestions from Fishing Related Shows on Netflix, Camping Inspired Netflix Shows to Survival Shows on Netflix.

1. Meat Eater- The first few seasons are our favorite. Watch Steven guide, hunt, catch and store his game.

2. Fearless – Watch these talented individuals try to reach their dreams of Las Vegas competing.

3. Animals on the Loose

4. Down to Earth with Zac Efron- This was a tad ore documentary and less survival but worth a watch

5. You Vs. Wild- We just love Bear Grylls adventures and this has a fun spin to his other shows

6. Win the Wilderness

Outdoorsy shows on Netflix list

7. Tiny House Nation- After the past year we thought about building one.

8. You Vs. Wild Out Cold.

9. Alone – We love this series! Anyone else watch all of them??

10. BattleFish- Every time we watch an episode I want to go fishing!

11. Into the Wild.

12. 72 Dangerous Animals- My son has watched all of these.

13. Blue Miracle.

14. Outback truckers- If you love some adventure and drama this is the show for you!

15. Stars in the Sky.

Outdoorsy New River Gorge National Park

16. Zoo.

17. The 100- This was a great series that just added episodes.

18. 72 Dangerous places to live- Just happy our city was not on this list.

19. Borderline Security- the front lines- This was so informative if you cross the border or travel.

20. Big Timber.

21. Hold the Dark.

22. Forged in Fire – We love this show as well. I think the talent of these blacksmith’s are insane.

23. Car Masters Rust to riches- Such a great show if you are into cars.

24. Rust Valley Restorers- another great show for auto enthusiasts.

25. Tiger King- this was so popular… we watched it… it was ok. To much drama for us.

Do you have a favorite Outdoorsy Shows on Netflix? Let us know in the Comments below. Or any shows you might be binge watching. We have watched so many over the years our list gets shorter and shorter.