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12 Fall activities to do in Autumn

Fall foliage on Third Street in Jamestown

Send me all of your fun Fall things to do in Autumn! It just amazes me how in New York we go from 70-80 degree days to freezing. I always make a joke on my Social Media platforms about our ever changing weather in a given week. Monday we might be weather shorts and tank tops, Tuesday it might have snowed and so on. Now, that Fall is officially here lets do some Fun fall activities with the family! I know you may have thought of some of these Fall activities for both kids and adults but some might have slipped your mind!

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Not just the side of the road produce stand, I mean a real patch. We started doing this last year and let me tell you everyone had fun! It pretty much in compasses all of the Fall things.

Fall photo Shoot activity

2. Do a Fall photo shoot. It’s right around this time I get our Family photos done. Since the weather is so spiritic this time of year our photos always have different colors, backgrounds and settings. Of course I could do a simple back drop but I like seeing our surroundings change. Once they have been shot I save a few for our Holiday Christmas Cards!

3. Catch Fall Foliage! If you are looking for some great places in the North East I shared an updated list. Seeing the leaves change in the crisp Autumn weather is so magically and FREE! This is one of the top (in my opinion) Falls activities to do in Autumn.

4. Grab yourself some new sheets! This may sound silly but we picked up these new sheets from Peachskinsheets and they will be on my Christmas list from now on! I love when companies come out with great new products around the Holiday Seasons you just can’t get enough of!

5. Binge watch some great shows on Netflix. I would be remise if I didn’t give you some screen time suggestions. Yicks, so many great shows have been released I can hardly keep up. Need some binge worth shows? Here is a few lists I have recently published, start with some of the Netflix Originals they always seem to be a huge hit.

DIY Halloween Candle Fall activity

6. Take the kids to your local hardware chain stores for a DIY project. It used to be the third Saturday of the month. Both Home Depot and  Lowe’s have these fun kid craft kits. They supply everything you need to build a project. It is open to the public, free, for both boys and girls!

7. Make some Fall crafts! I make a ton around this time of year from DIY Halloween Candles to Dollar Store Halloween signs. I have even made and delivered “Boo Baskets”.

8. Take a hike! Literally start hiking. We started hiking our way through local State Parks and trails and now do it regularly. It is so good for our bodies, minds and has become sort of a hobby. Fall brings all sorts of new adventures to hiking but also some obstacles.

9. Pull gardens. This is one of the best activities of the Fall because you can see the “fruits” of your labor. If you have a garden dig it out and wash off the goodies you grew this year. If you didn’t plant anything this year check out your local town. Several have co-ops who would love extra labor to pull crops!

Throw a Halloween Party

10. Throw a Pumpkin Party! I collect Halloween finds pretty much year round for this. You could easily just run to the Dollar Tree and grab few items though. I have hosted an annual Pumpkin Party for kids for 15 years. We supply a pumpkin to curve and a pumpkin to paint. I encourage everyone to dress up!

11. Get to baking. This is the time of year I find the best Crockpot, Slow Cooker, Dessert and bread recipes. In case you didn’t know I even have a Recipe tab on this website. Check it out for all my kitchen goodies. Since we are taking all things Fall, give this Hawaiian Cupcake recipe a try first!

12. Visit a Haunted House, Zombie Paint ball gun event or the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio. I just love going to these creepy events during the Fall Season. Our local Hockey team event hosts a Costume game we have been known to attend.

I could go on and on with Fall things to do in Autumn! I hope at least some of these suggestions you will put on this years Fall Bucket list. Did I miss some great fall activities? Let me know in the Comments below!

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