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Educational essentials for Homeschool and Remote Learning

School is officially underway! If you are homeschooling, remote learning or sending them to public schools, I hope they have a great year. We have put together some fun educational kits that would help make learning fun. Enjoy! My Educational essentials for Homeschool:

Educational essentials for Homeschool and Remote Learning

The glam-crush surprise dolls are perfect pocket sized friends who are all ready to get messy with make-up! First you pop up your glam crush in the life size make up applicator, next you crush the cool compact using the make up applicator  to reveal your glam crush’s secret accessory !    Last, you reveal your glam crush’s glitter hair and make up using warm and cold water!    Glam crush is sure to come with on adventures because of her perfectly pocket size!     Parents:  be prepared Crushing get messy and super fun!

battle snapships

Is your child ready to take their building skills to the next level? Snap Ships is a versatile and creative building set which offers multiple builds in every box!  The only limit will be your child’s imagination. These interchangeable pieces allow for hours of play.  Along with the building set, you can download a free app for Android or Apple users that will take your creation into a virtual world unlike you have ever seen.  Your child will discover how to Build to Battle – each Snap Ship from The Forge is associated with a particular planet.  Click around to check out all the different kits available or discover how to rebuild your own.  Missions are assigned and augmented reality is at your child’s fingertips – they can even virtually land their ship right in your living room!


If you are looking for a gift for any gamer or YouTube lover then look no further. FGTEEV is a popular family of YouTubers who recently released their new line of fun collectable toys. This game controller surprise pack contains 6 different FGTEEV related items rated 6 and up.

LOL surpise

LOL surprise dolls are already a staple in many children’s toy collection!  The sweet design combined with seemingly endless surprise accessories keeps children interested in their collection as it grows!    The new LOL B.T.W. dolls represent that fun age between toddler and teenager.  Cherry BB has super sweet cherry blossom hair color and all the extras to help her fit perfectly into the LOL universe!

Educational essentials for Homeschool and Remote Learning

Looking for a fun surprising toy for that little girl in your life? LOL surprise Colors is a great option for you. These fun collectable dolls come in a colorful sphere full of mini surprise bags full of accessories and 1 LOL doll. It’s an exciting way to give a gift. You never know which doll you will receive or which secret the doll might have.

National geographic kits

The National Geographic Rocks and Minerals game set is a fun twist on a classic deck of cards. Each card has a photo of a rock, mineral, or gemstone so you can play your favorite classic card games and learn along the way. Use your cards to identify the over 75 beautiful assorted gemstones. Get creative and use them for game pieces or grow your own rock collection. This kit is perfect for family game night, in a classroom, or enjoying on your own.

Educational essentials for Homeschool and Remote Learning

Make the world a brighter place with peace, happiness and science experiments. Make groovy candies or ice cubes that really glow in the dark. A small amount of vitamin  b2 causes your creations to glow under the included black light flash light. Enjoy learning about the chemistry of glowing materials and pigment while having a tasty treat. Science is fun with Groovy Growing Candy Lab.


Pixicade Mobile Game Maker is great for your little gamer! Pixicade brings imagination and creativity to life mixed with technology for a hands on fun STEM experience . Create and Play your own video games , just draw,  take a picture,  and play from your tablet of choice . Hours of creative STEM fun.


Blast out of summer in style with Nerf’s new Fortnite super soaker! Rememeber every “school setting” has to have some fun! Inspired by the popular video game Fortnite’s character fishstick it is sure to excite all Fortnite fans. It’s small design makes it easy to carry so you can start a water war anywhere! Simply remove the cap, fill with water and you’re ready to go. Be sure to look for all the nerf super soaker Fortnite water blasters to add some water fun to any outdoor event or party with family and friends. Water battles with Fortnite super soakers are the perfect way to beat the heat with a big splash!


Minions have taken over the exploding kittens universe. This family friendly game only takes a few minutes to learn, but can be played for hours of endless fun. Players draw cards until someone draws an exploding minion which makes explode and lose the game. The only way to survive is to use a card to diffuse or avoid the explosion. The last player alive wins. Exploding minions is sure to be a new favorite at family game night.

Educational essentials for Homeschool and Remote Learning

A great gift for ages 6 and over, is the world famous Pokemon trading card game by the pokemon company international. This V Battle Deckcomes with all the necessary items to play this international game. With hours of fun a head, this pack will have you ready to “Catch ’em all!”