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Visiting the Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia

Visiting the Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia: “After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value.”- G.M. Trevelyan⁣

Visiting the Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia

If you know us you know we enjoy hiking, exploring and waterfall or Mountain views!! The Natural Bridge State Park had all of these plus so much more!!


I just want to stop a second before I dig right in and say if you are traveling from Roanoke you can spot a few fun “roadside” creatures like this fabulous dinosaur pictured above. As soon as my son and I saw this (it happened pretty much simultaneously) we both shouted turn around we HAVE to take a picture. It’s literally parked in a field across the street from a mini mart but honestly who cares. It was a fun find and photo opt!

Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia

When you come to the park we simply purchased our tickets within the Gift shop. Since it was during the pandemic I am not sure if you always do this but it was pretty easy. I did see websites Groupon had ticket specials so check them out if you want to save some money.

Natural bridge

If you are not a huge fan or have little kids in tow when exploring let me offer some fun side things to do when hiking a State park:

🌳  Read historical markers. Not only do they have to work on reading but they also get immersed into what each park has to offer. We have done this since my little guy was a toddler and now he runs to find them without prompting.

Panoramic view

🌳  Take Panoramic Photos. My son has always showed an interest in photography so I let him take photos. He has his own camera now but likes to use “Mommy’s” still. I have to say some of his photos are better than mine. Kids have a unique vantage point and it also encourages creativity.


🌳 We saw several different species of snakes, a few salamanders & loved all the waterfalls. I get some people are not a fan of snakes. They were pretty common at the State Park. We actually lost count. I will say remember we are in their habitat so keep a healthy distance, practice the importance of respecting nature and it’s animals.

🌳 Do any hidden Compass Courses⁣ offered. We have yet to really dive into this but I like to mention it to others who enjoy it.


⁣🌳 Explore some of the rich History. This particular State park had a few village set-ups (pictured above). It was so nice to see agriculture and educate our son on the progression of civilizations to where we are now.

Visiting the Natural Bridge State Park, Virginia

What are your favorite Nature Trials?⁣
Have you ever been to the Natural Bridge State park in Virginia??⁣