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The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: “A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it”

The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg

My not so little boy and I recently traveled to Gettysburg. You can enjoy my thoughts and suggestions on where to start planning a trip, here. We both have a love of animals so the idea of visiting The Land of Little Horses seemed very fitting. I did not expect to spend hours at The Land of Little Horses Park. My tween boy was just enamored by their free roaming miniatures!


When I say free roaming, I mean they literally welcome you. I am sure it’s more to do with the fact they know you might be housing some food pellets they are very to edger to take off your hands but what a treat! Tucked back on a 100 acre farm this place was such a pleasant gem for us country living folks!

The Land of Little Horses

They have different packages; we went with the “Adventurist Experience”.

This includes:

Gem Mining

Wagon rides

Pony Rides

Train Ride

Feeding the animals: a camel, tortoise, emu, donkey, a horse, ponies even chickens!

They also provide you with a map. Make sure to take a walk ion their trails if you enjoy seeing some animals that are more “exotic” for a regular farm!

The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Gem mining was a MUST. They provide a very healthy helping of treasure! I have visited several Gem mining stations and this by far was the best “bang for our buck”. The pony rides we were a tad disappointing because my son was to tall ( he is very tall for his age so no surprise). It’s for the horses safety and my son’s so no huge complaint. He might have been disappointed, it was short lived. He found a child on the wagon ride that had a smaller package, that didn’t include the pony ride and gifted them his ticket. It made their day. Honestly he probably would have done it even if he could have rode them. I mention this in case you are bringing older kids who are over their height and weight limit. If you came for that particular activity it might not work out. They have plenty of other things older kids can do so don’t fret!

Land of Little Horses

Last but not least their activities. They host a “dance party”, Pig races, Main Event (pictured above), Great Mini Horse encounter and lastly a herd release. I would recommend you check their Social Media sites or website for times. Not everything opens at the same time but we managed to do everything but the Herd release.

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