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Easy Kielbasa Ke-bob Recipe

Easy Kielbasa Ke-bob Recipe

It’s grilling season, FINALLY!! I have so many grilled recipes on my website through the years I thought I might share them before today’s Easy Kielbasa Ke-bob Recipe.

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Now, onto today’s recipe featuring kielbasa as the main meat source.

Grilling meats

What you will need:

Package (or two) of Keilbasa

Pineapple rounds

Vegetables, chopped

The best part about these are the fact you can add anything you want. I personally love grilled pineapple!!

Kielbasa Ke-bob

This is such an easy recipe idea because you can put anything you like on the skewers. I love easy to make dinner ideas that you can use any ingredients you already have. Add Kielbasa Ke-bob to the grill, cook until done. Serve and Enjoy this Easy Kielbasa Ke-bob Recipe!