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Tips to harvesting cherries

Tips to harvesting cherries, 21 Brix, Portland New York: “Pretty please, with a cherry on top”!-Gena Showalter

Tips to harvesting cherries| 21 Brix, Portland New York

Last year, we had so much fun learning about local harvesting and “U-Pick” farms around us. Harvesting trips are such a great way to involve the family, while supporting our local farms! If you want to see some of the other produce we picked, take a look at these articles: Grapes, Strawberries, Peaches and Apples.

Tips to harvesting cherries

Here are some tips to harvesting cherries:

🍒 Search your local area and find farms then keep notifications on. Many of the “U PICK” items are seasonal and weather permitting. The dates are ever changing and seem to sell out quickly!

🍒 Bring something to keep them in. While the stand we visited had baskets to use. I suggest bringing your own basket, container, bin or bucket. It helps if it has a handle!

🍒 Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes! you will be climbing ladders, stools etc. to reach them.

🍒 Remember U-pick areas have been previously visited and some produce doesn’t make it in bins.

 21 Brix, Portland New York

On this particular trip we picked sweet cherries. They even had fun Cherry slushies for the kids after picking. I will say the sour cherries are fun but the sweets are the ones we were after. Most places simply weigh what you have in your bins and you pay per pound. to me nothing tastes as good as right off the tree or vine!

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