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5 Ideas To Update Your Outdoor Space In A Weekend

The winter months might have you stuck inside for now but I’m dreaming about all of the backyard ideas I can’t wait to tackle once the weather turns warmer. Whether you are looking to expand your patio, add interest to your garden, or increase your storage space, upgrading your backyard is a lot easier and can be done quicker than you think. There are a few budget-friendly backyard projects that are even able to be completed in a weekend! Below are some of these inspirational ideas you can already start to get ready now! 5 Ideas To Update Your Outdoor Space In A Weekend.

  1. Edge Your Garden: If you garden edge, this helps to define a border between your lawn or your flower bed that is nearby. It also helps to prevent any soil erosion that might have been in your garden bed. There are many edging materials to try including bricks, stones or even concrete, and can be installed within an afternoon. If you are thinking of looking for a more eco-friendly take on edging, try a wine bottle project. The colorful glass will reflect sunshine and create a unique look for a garden that is sure to stand out amongst the rest.


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  1. Hire A Professional If You Need Assistance: If some of the projects you would like done require more work than you are willing to take on, hiring a professional to do the heavy work for you is key, especially for an area such as your deck that you’ll be utilizing every day. Brazilian Wood Depot offers tremendous service, expertise and ideas to bring your vision to life as well as the most important product, hardwood, to make sure your deck lasts a long time. Their hardwood is imported from th rainforest and with various woods such as purple art or Ipe, you can’t go wrong with it’s longevity, low maintenance and color. The best part is if you’re loving your deck wood, they even offer Ipe Rainwood Siding which makes your home stand out, protect and create a more modern look.

  1. Create Shade With Curtains: If your backyard gets a lot of sun, one of the quickest ways to help bring shade is by adding curtains. This is a budget-friendly solution that also can be doubled as a privacy screen if you have friends, neighbors, or family over. For a festive touch, you can hang patio lights on the post to illuminate the night. Be sure to anchor the posts firmly into the ground before you hang everything to make sure it’s secure. If you want to go bold, pick a fun or loud print to use or use a natural print and add a fun color ribbon to tie your curtains back.

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  1. Decorate With Plants:  When it’s time to select new plants for your garden, you have several options but they can also be out of your budget. Save your money for the plants by recycling old tires into a whimsical planter instead of buying store-bought containers. You can use chicken wire and landscaping fabric to cover the hole at the base, then paint or stack your new planters and arrange them in your yard for a playful display.

  1. Deck Railing: It might be essential to have a deck railing depending on how high your deck is but there are other options to consider before just putting in a railing itself. A popular feature right now is to add a tinted glass in a deck railing because it is strong, safe, and also adds flair to your outdoor space. To build one yourself, there are many articles to help you feel confident to try it!

Updating your backyard on a weekend is possible, depending on how much time you have. There are several more small projects you can tackle to help bring a vision of a dreamy backyard to life. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, call a professional to walk you through the proper way to do something or even hire them to get it done the right way if you are unsure. Do your best, try and see some great results that your hard work accomplished.


  1. Tweenselmom
    April 16, 2021 / 1:17 pm

    I like to decorate our house with plants because green is always good, helps the oxygen come to our house and great for ingredient purposes.

  2. Why Girls Are Weird
    April 16, 2021 / 7:58 pm

    Oh I love this, we're starting to clean up outside this weekend!

  3. Celebrate Woman
    April 17, 2021 / 12:59 am

    The deck and flowers are some of my favorites to freshen up any space.

  4. goodbitesbyche
    April 17, 2021 / 7:16 pm

    I love decorating with plants too. Can really make our surroundings to look fresh and beautiful!