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Easter Basket ideas without Candy

Ever since my son was a year and a half he has not been able to digest more than 9 grams of sugar in a sitting. At first this was a shock because everything has sugar in it, right? We researched and learned how to make all of our favorite dishes excluding the sugar. Holidays like Valentine’s, Halloween and Easter can be very difficult since they are based highly on giving out candy. Here are some great Easter Basket fillers without candy!

Trolls just wanna have fun, and your little one will too with Dreamworks Trolls World Tour Pop-To-Rock Poppy. Switch her from her sweet pop persona to a rock n roll rockstar in minutes, and she will even switch up her songs when you do! When you hand her the ukulele she sings a pop version and when you switch it up to her electric guitar, she jams to the rock version. Poppy is sure to be your little rock star’s new best friend!

Adventure force’s Animal water blasters are a perfect way to add water to your summer fun. Pick from a Shark or Unicorn and watch as they open and close their mouth by pulling the trigger. These squirt animals can shoot water up to 25 feet away and are great for playing at the park, beach or backyard fun. Play day animal squirters are a Walmart exclusive recommended for ages 4 and up.

Adventure force has come out with two new super drench blasters. The Hydro Arsenal comes with two long ranged water blasters with scopes. The Tsunami Drencher is quick to reload and shoots far…… 51 feet far! These are the perfect addition to kids, pre-tweens or even an adult basket! We just love the Adventure Force line, Shop more Adventure Force products HERE.

One of the most popular trends right now is squishy toys for kids. These Paint Your Own Squishy Kits from Doodle Hog come with a white squishy in a fun design like a bunny, three paint pots and a brush so kids can spend hours getting creative and decorating it just the way they want to.

Even though the Easter baskets we create never have a piece of candy in it, he will LOVES them just the same!