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Valentine Halos Love Bugs Craft

Valentine Halos Love Bugs Craft

We were extremely blessed to have halos send us some of their delicious produce! Enjoy this simple Valentine Halos Love Bugs Craft. I used to do little crafts like this when my son was a toddler. Even now that he is a preteen, he will still do them. How many crafts have you done over the years? Gosh, I think I have lost count but either way we love doing them. I can’t take any of the credit this idea was on the Halos website. Check out the FULL details HERE.


“What you will need to create this Valentine Halos Love Bugs Craft: 

Halos mandarins 

Foam hearts in two sizes, large and small 


Googly eyes 

Glitter glue 

Glue spots”

Side note: a fellow Mom and I crafted these pictured, while my son was on his Zoom learning. I have to say it was fun to giggle and make these. We both enjoyed it. If you have smaller kids you might want to skip using the toothpicks because they can be sharp. Also if you have items to craft with use them. These are just a fun suggestion but completely open to what you have on hand!

Close up of a halo

Perfect for at-home crafting, and super easy to bag up to give as gifts!

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Do you like doing fun Crafts like these?? Have you ever made Halos bugs?

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