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Bathroom Remodel featuring MaxHome


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with MaxHome, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own.

It might be cabin fever kicking in because every Spring time, house projects start. Before we start traveling for the year we spend our time fixing the house. With Covid-19 in full force we started early this year. I have ALWAYS wanted first floor laundry. When I bought my home (12 years ago) it was located in the basement. That is two flights of stairs down and two flights up, EACH load of laundry. After years, we refinished our basement and moved the laundry upstairs. Now, it was time to give the adjoining bathroom a refresh!

Folks, when you work on older homes remember they come with “cans of worms”. Not a typical can of worms no..no..no they come with cans because when you start a project fifty others start to show their evil heads. Do your research before starting anything!! If you need a great website before getting started check out MaxHome. It is so important to know what you want but also so when you do hire a professional they understand as well.

Together we picked up some new paint, flooring and a new raised toilet. We decided to go a mildew resistant paint in a lighter green color. This paint was fairly inexpensive at around $7 a half gallon. Believe it or not it actually brightened the room up a bit.

The toilet we used was a Niagara Conservation one. Listen I never realized how much it would benefit our backs to have such a high toilet. I know this is not the topic many people want to discuss but lets get real here!! Upgrade your toilet to a higher standing one and I promise you will THANK me!!

Next we laid a new flooring and added a bi-fold door. Now usually people use these for closets but my opening was so small we needed to get creative. I loved the idea of a modern twist with a traditional feel. 

The best advice I can give you on DIY projects: 
#1 Research BEFORE starting any project ( Need inspiration, check out MaxHome)

#2 Use Quality products, 
#3 Take your time, Take breaks
#4 Never give up just ask for Help if needed!