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Tips to get your Home Ready for the Holidays

In October I finally paid off my Victorian style home. When I bought it at the age of twenty, I saved all the Oak wood trim, stairs and flooring. While we have updated a few thing we saved much of the character. Part of that was using quality products to help maintain them. If you have any wood in your home I couldn’t recommend Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaners more!

This is a partner post with Scott’s Liquid Gold. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

To get ready for the holidays I decided to give them a nice good clean before setting up the Christmas tree. I would recommend the Scott’s Liquid Gold, multi-surface foaming cleaner for wood on the trim. It helps keep them clean, dust free but also leaves a nice finish. When my son was young we had a real tree. These days we use a lovely fake one because we tend to travel this time of year. With the pandemic we stayed in more but decided to go all out and decorate.

We went with the Buffalo plaid this year. 

Did you go all out and decorate? 

Some tips to help with cleaning up before and after the holidays:

1. Pick a room and work from there. Try not to get distracted with any messes just focus on a small task.

2. Dust before cleaning your floors. Don’t forget bookcases, shelves, and window sills. 

3. Start getting organizing and cleaning about a week or two before Christmas or Christmas Eve. This way, you can go slow and make sure things are finished on time. 

4. Make a schedule or check list to help organize your cleaning. This is also helpful if you have a family. I find by having a checklist everyone can pitch in and help.

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative restores, preserves and protects all types of natural wood. Their new product One Clean Home, is a multi-surface foaming cleaner for wood and more. It’s what I tested out on my wood surfaces for this Holiday Season.

Did you know Scott’s was originally sold door-to-door in the early 20th century, a customer by the name of Ida Goldstein purchased the company in 1951 (for $175!) as a business opportunity for her three growing children. It is now run by Ida’s grandson, Mark, who has grown the company into what we recognize it as today.