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25 Last Minute Gift Ideas for 2020

All gifts in this 25 Last Minute Gift Ideas for 2020 guide presented a sample for quality control to ensure the best suggestions were being given. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

1. A great gift for the little builder in your life are these play sets from Snap Ships. Each set includes all pieces needed to build a fun and interactive play set. You can also download the snap ships app for added interactive builds and play! These sets are rated 8 and up. You can check them out at Snap Ships.

2. A perfect gift for the athlete in your life would have to be the shirts from Intelligent Threads. These shirts are designed to help athletes perform at their highest level.  The material used to make these shirts are infused with Myo-Equilibration technology to help with faster muscle recovery, improve body alignment, relieve pain and much much more.

Shop Intelligent Threads Here.

3. Endless Game Puzzles are the perfect gift for many ages, from children to adults alike they will keep your mind occupied for hours at a time. Their beautiful, bright, high quality puzzles make it so enjoyable to see the puzzle picture come together. The pictures are exquisite and full of vibrant colors.

A truly enjoyable activity for all!

4. Lego Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration Since the hit sequel came out this past spring, Trolls World Tour has confirmed that the colorful party enthusiasts are here to stay!  Lego has created this 380 piece Trolls village set to allow your child to recreate the celebratory atmosphere.  Characters in this set include Poppy, Branch, Guy Diamond (my favorite), Cooper (my 2nd favorite) and Tiny Diamond (the cutest).  Bring the party under your Christmas tree with this Lego Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration set – oh snap! Shop HERE.

5. Light up your scientific exploration with The Young Scientists Club’s Plasma Globe. Spark curiosity with this fun way to explore the wonders of electricity! Plug in your plasma globe and watch it react to your touch or switch over to sound mode and watch it respond to your voice or your favorite song. Don’t forget to customize your globe with your glow in the dark stickers to make it uniquely your own! The perfect gift for all the little scientists in your life!

6. Amongst the beauty of winter comes cold and flu season. Why not have peace of mind using a homeopathic & paraben free product to nip those illnesses in the bud. Hylands has provided products for little ones that are free of dyes and additives,  are all natural, and most importantly, work to relieve symptoms in children.  From stuffy noses to stubborn coughs, Hylands is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep your little one happy and healthy this long winter ahead.

7. Are you looking for a unique educational gift this holiday? A great choice for the curious kids in your life. Blimey box is full of fine motor- hands on – STEM and critical thinking fun. Blimey Box sets up “ an escape room, lockbox experience, treasure hunt experience “ to learn math, numbers, solve puzzles,  and much more. Blimey Box is innovative , creative  and unique,  in the way it forces children to think critically ,and solve tasks to open the locks. Blimey Box is portable so you can enjoy fun at home , on the go , on special days , regular days , and all the days in between . Blimey Box makes the perfect gift!

Check out all the Blimey Boxes & pintable’s HERE.

8. Envirosax has been at the forefront of design-led reusable bags – just check out all the unique and fun creations they have come up with! Their motto – lighter than a lipstick, stronger than a suitcase – has been personally tested and verified to be TRUE! With a design for everyone, these easy clean bags can help bring in the groceries, serve as a quick diaper bag, carry your beach items or help get your belongings to work. Rolls up so teeny tiny yet can hold so much! Perfect gift for anyone who needs a dependable helping hand.

9. Holidays are hard because these days everyone has so much stuff! But do you know what every single one of us need more of? LOVE! Little Love Jar is the perfect way to collect all of that affection from people near and far and literally bottle it up for a day when you need a beautiful reminder of all of the people in your life that care for you. Little Love Jar will gather words of kindness and encouragement from all of the important people in your world and print them out on beautiful little notes you can pull out when you need a pick me up. Show someone you care for just how much they mean with a heartfelt & unique gift!

10. The Original Stomp Rocket – it easy fun! Stomp Rocket is easy to set up , and easy to use for year round fun! Stomp Rocket soars up to 200 feet and includes 4 foam rockets so you have extras, in case one gets lost. Run – Jump – Stomp and Gift , The Original Stomp Rocket this holiday ! Stomp Rocket is a fun simple outside STEM activity allowing kids to learn through play about gravity , trajectory , force , and the power of air ! Check them out HERE.

11. TMC books are awesome for any classic movie enthusiast! From the silent era to the 1980’s, these books have tons of information on all your favorites! So many great pictures of your favorite stars, like Marylin Monroe, James Dean, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, and so many more! Behind the scenes and on set pictures and details! The quality of these books is fantastic! The picture quality is also excellent. They are large books, each with approximately 300 pages! I personally know a few people who would absolutely love these books! They would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys movies and celebrities!

12. Liveoutlaw.com makes a variety of men’s soaps and cologne in the USA. ranging from bar soap to hair and body wash, cologne sprays, solid cologne and deodorant. Not sure which item to try first? Grab a gift box which includes: milled bar soap, deodorant, solid cologne and an air freshener.  With the fall season coming to an end and snow in the forecast Fire in the Hole is the perfect scent to keep that earthy outdoor scent with you.  A mix of campfire, whiskey, gunpowder and hints of sage.

13. Have you felt off or just  drained? Check out Organic Crystal Harmony Bath Salts & Serum. Crystal Harmony is a sea salt with botanicals and green Crystal’s, there is also a mix of sweet orange, grapefruit, and vanilla. Just fill the mesh bag provided and place it in your water and then all you have to do is soak your worries away. The serum is amazing as well and is a mixture of oils and is lightly scented and leaves your skin feeling amazing and smooth. A green adventuring crystal is in the bottle as well and amplify tour energy, adjusts your vibrational field, and transforms negative energy into positive ones.

14. Know someone who wants to clean without a plethora of chemicals? The Persik’s Pure Sky Cleaning cloth only needs water to work! Perfect for cleaning granite counter tops, which easily show every finger print! If you know someone who is constantly whipping their counters, this cloth is for them! Also a great gift for households with allergies, children, pets, and sensitivities to chemicals!

15. Woman can be hard to buy for, for a number of reasons. A co-worker you don’t know all that well, an aunt that you’re not really sure her style, or that friend that just has everything and you never know what to get them…the scenarios just never end. This Isabellegrace jewelry initial bracelet is an excellent option for any of those situations! It would make a great gift for any occasion too! It has a classy elegance, yet a simplicity that fits anyone’s personal style. The beads have a marble look to them, with a touch of gray rolled in with the classic white. No clasp or annoying closures to mess with. It has the perfect stretch to just glide onto your wrist. Shop HERE.

16. What I first noticed about these Elyptol Cleaning Wipes was the fresh eucalyptus scent when I opened the container. I was so excited to put these cleaning wipes to the test. The size of each soft sheet is perfect for all of my cleaning needs. These wipes are great for hard surfaces and are made with only 3 ingredients: Eucalyptus essential oil, Natural Ethanol (alcohol), and water leaving these safe for my skin and the surfaces that I am cleaning. These will make a perfect gift for the holidays during a Pandemic.

17. If you are looking to pay for experiences and turn them into precious keepsakes, then this is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. The Adventure Challenge is a book full of creative adventures that you scratch off to reveal a new challenge. The only catch is that you have to complete the challenge! This is a great way to get the family to engage in fun together and take a picture of each challenge to document it. Each adventure is meant to bring the family closer together. It is also great for when in Quarantine. There are challenges for inside the home and out. When you are all finished completing the challenges, you are left with a book full of memories to look back on.

18. Looking for the perfect present for the movie fans in your life? Bendy figs are fun all ages! Whether you’re buying for your avid collector friend or for your kiddo who just can get enough of their favorite characters, this gift is sure to please! Bend and play or put them on display. These beautifully detailed figures come in characters ranging from Harry Potter to DC making them a versatile gift for many different interests. Snag your favorites or collect them all.

19. Have a coffee lover?? The perfect compliment to a cup of coffee is a slice of Clarkson Ave Classic Crumb Cake. The thick sweet cake is moist and delectable. While the crumb topping is generously covering every bite exploding with large crumbles of savory cinnamon flavor. Check out the variety of crumb cakes and crumbkins on their website: https://clarksonavecrumb.com

20. Pando is the trivia game about us! The game is simple and fun. One player picks a card from the draw pile and another player tries to answer all three personal trivia questions correctly. Whichever player reaches 5 points first is the winner! There is no need for extra materials, the cards are the points! Pando has been backed by the staff at Kickstarter, and for a good reason. There has never been a better time to get to know one another. Bring Pando to your next family or friend gathering and you will not be disappointed! This game is for four or more players and ages 14+.

21. There are two types of parents in this world – those who don’t mind playdough and those who DESPISE it!  If you fall under the latter category, this kit is perfect for your household! The Mixy Squish Lap Deskis the perfect set up to let your kids be creative without the mess or the smell!  Included are 10 1 oz. blocks of colored and textured air-dry clay, 14 different sculpting tools, 3 double sided molds and lap desk.  All of the items can be stored within the lap desk for easy travel!  Kids will love the spongy feel of their creations after they have dried – between 24-48 hours.  The kit also includes glitter and mini foam balls for more texture fun. Perfect gift for your budding artists that won’t leave a giant mess!

 22. Every one could benefit from a reliable Eat Cleaner® All Natural Fruit + Vegetable Wash. Even if you buy organic, they can still have soil and bacteria on them. Cleaning them is important! Did you know that more than water is needed to really get them clean? This handy spray lifts pesticides, chemicals and wax off our food. It has no taste and no smell. I notice how different apples look and feel after using this product on them! Absolutely no waxy feel after use! This spray also helps the food last longer! It came with a pack of 32 wipes too, great for on the go! Perfect to keep at work for lunch time, take on trips, on keep nearby for kids to use on their fruit before eating it. This is a product every home should have!

23. Playful Pandas represent the first major launch in the girls toy category for Far Out Toys. Playful Pandas are musical, magical, Pandorable friends with limitless responses. Kids just sing any song to their Panda and she will sing back in her own Panda language! Playful Pandas come in four styles including Sweetie, Slumber, Foodie and Fashionista each with her own personality and signature song. And, when kids collect two or more Pandas they will sing in harmony. For even more fun, each Panda responds to a child’s touch – tickle her belly, kiss her nose or pat her head and the Panda will laugh, move and respond!

24. Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body. You will love how you feel using these organic ingredients on your children and using their aromatherapy mist around your home as your eyes are glued to the 2020 Election results on TV. Earth Baby products provide immediate moisturization and superior hydration, emollient oils and vitamins with a time-controlled release, and dramatically reduced need for high levels of UV filters.

25. For the past three years we have bought the Package From Santa. It has always been jam packed with goodies but here are just a few. A piece of Santa’s red Suit, hot cocoa, a photo of Santa, Reindeer food, candy cane, sugar cookie and more. Read my full review HERE.