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5 Ways to encourage STEM Learning

As a mother, you hear a lot about all the things you need to teach your child. After venturing in to Remote Learning for school, I have been diligent with my son’s studies. One major educational focus, teachers have, in the last few years are STEM learning programs. What is the STEM approach, you might ask? It centers around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. Enjoy 5 Ways to encourage STEM Learning.

5 Ways to encourage STEM Learning

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1. Everywhere I look, STEM is featured in articles, on daytime TV shows and in the classroom. We have been lucky to find great educational toys and programs that help fuel the love of STEM under a blanket of learning! Which would be my very first way to encourage STEM learning. Get them EXCITED about it! The more you encourage them the more you both will enjoy it. We dress up, we “play” together and even read together.

Space kit

2. Find products to help implement STEM learning in your home! These can be fun activity kits similar to this Crayola Space Science Kit. It’s loaded with STEAM and educational activities for your little astronaut. Learn about stars, planets, meteors, and create a full- scale solar system. It encouraged kids to ignite their creativity and space imagination.

3. Play a card game together. We play a variety of card games at all different times of the day. Before COVID-19 we would play a few hands of Rummy before school drop off. It encourages Math and Strategy. If you are looking for some card games check out our favorites here.

STEM Learning

4. Coding is a great way to bring STEM inside the home and help your child learn technology and programming. During quarantine we tried iD Tech. They offer Virtual Tech Camps, perfect for home-based students seeking the collaborative spirit of on-campus programs. They utilize your child’s love of apps & video games (think Minecraft and Fortnite) into a foundation for college, internships, and dream careers.

encourage STEM Learning

5. Encourage reading!! I am a HUGE advocate of reading to kids but also to get them excited to read for themselves. This is were they can become imaginative inventors and creators. Escaping to distant worlds (in a novel) to learning fun facts in non-fiction books, STEM learning can be woven in. My son is an AVID reader if you ever need suggestions let me know. Here are a few books I would recommend when your kids are ages 4-7, here.

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Have you heard of STEM learning? Did you find my 5 Ways to encourage STEM Learning helpful?

How do you implement STEM Learning at home?


  1. Marta Rivera
    October 30, 2020 / 9:05 pm

    My kiddos have always been STEM lovers, so I'm grateful. It helps in the their future careers.

  2. Tisha
    October 31, 2020 / 4:20 am

    Getting excited about learning is definitely a great way to encourage learning! Love this!

  3. Heather @ US Japan Fam
    October 31, 2020 / 1:12 pm

    OMG that science kit looks amazing!!! My 3 kids will love that!

  4. Jersey Girl Cooks
    October 31, 2020 / 4:59 pm

    Great ideas! I'm glad we used some of these tools when my kids were growing up.

  5. Monica Simpson
    November 1, 2020 / 1:49 am

    I love STEM activities. I think they're so creative and really help kids in a variety of ways.