From a young age I had a fear of the dentist. Though I never suffered from anything serious the idea of visiting one would send me into an emotional spin. When having my son I felt dental care was vital but with hopes of eliminating the fear of dental work. Here are some of my tips to help introduce dental care to kids and ways to make it an enjoyable experience.

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1. Schedule a dentist appointment: Starting young allows kids to get used to the routine of going to the dentist every 6 months.  The earlier your child begins the dentist visit routine the better. I found a great dentist by asking my friends and family their experiences. Facebook is a great way to find dentists in your area to research around. A great one would be Frank Roach Dentist for example.

2. Giving kids a head’s up: Tell them when appointments are on the way, that will give them time to express feelings that might come up ahead of time. I always write it down on our Kitchen calendar to help remind us but also so he can see it.

3. Talk about healthy dental care: Healthy teeth and gums are vital. Let’s teach our kids healthy dental practices from a young age.  Including regular visits to the dentist, proper brushing and flossing. Remember they soak up everything you do. I always invite my son to come brush when I am in the bathroom doing the same.

4. Keep it simple: When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details. My son loves everything about the human body so I allowed him to ask questions while in the office.

5. Prepare to a meltdown: Some kids love their dentist (my son surprisingly) others do not. Bring a stuffy or toys to help them feel comforted and safe. Many offices (including Frank Roach Dentist) are well equipped and used to this happening. 

6. Let them ask questions: Be sure to answer any questions they do have about the dentist. Also, discuss their appointment afterwards. This allows for open communication with you and can help ease their fears.

What are you tips for taking kids to the Dentist?

Do you enjoy trips to the Dentist ( I know several people have a fear of it)