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We completed the Wounded Warrior Carry Forward Virtual 5k

I’m an AMERICAN. I was born one. No, I didn’t have to risk the Bering Sea to become one. I am afforded liberties & rights because of this privilege. Though in my youth, I was never called to enlist in the Military, my younger brother was. I think many of YOU reading this know someone who has done the same. They enlisted into our military to Serve this country of ours for one reason or another. 

🇺🇸Thank them for me 🇺🇸

This post is made possible with support from the Wounded Warrior Carry Forward Virtual 5k. All opinions are my own.

I believe being an American is all about support, sacrifice & finding common ground to unite us. The Wounded Warrior Carry Forward is not just a partnership for work, it’s personal. My brother was injured in the line of his second tour to Afghanistan. As a result he was honorably discharged. He, like many Veterans had to adjust back to civilian life. Not always easy and without organizations like this, sometimes impossible.

This week we raised Old Glory, to represent our fallen and injured soldiers. Though tattered, torn our Flag has never faltered. Like so many of our veterans she has been burned, beaten but never forgotten. I encourage you to help me as I complete this 5k by sponsoring those Wounded Warriors who can’t speak for themselves.

To remind them that no Soldier if left behind.

I can’t tell you how many care packages we sent of gold bond, pantry foods and bath essentials to my brother overseas. Letters, hit or miss phone calls and emails. Anyone who has had a loved one deployed, understands. I watched with my little one as the ships came in and the hover crafts beached soldiers on land. Hours and hours went by in 90 degree weather but we didn’t care the anticipation of 4 years of not seeing him was enough to wait. We held onto the dream he was alright and would make it home safely. 

Can you imagine waiting for days on end for two weeks never knowing when they will actually come in, if at all? 

This is how the military families live everyday.

I’m asking you to join me in helping put the mission in motion. Take action for injured veterans. Give what you can. Every bit helps transform the way warriors are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities.

For all past, present & future Warriors, WE carry for you! 

My pledge page

You can also join via a Vitual 5k! Use the promotional code “FREEDOM” for FREE registration!