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Audubon Community Nature Center in New York

 “In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”- Alice Walker

It’s so surreal thinking back to just a couple months ago, we were looking forward to our annual Spring break trip. I had several Press trips lined up & could explore the US freely. We lost count after day 45, in quarantine of life, as we once knew it…. With our face masks in tow we explored the Audubon Community Nature Center in New York.

As you enter the trails they do have a fun play area for kids. So far it seems as though the cost is by donations. They even have a plant exchange you can also donate to!

 There are many trails to enjoy. We have explored pretty much all of them and they all vary in difficulty. I would say overall they are easy to manage just be sure to wear sneakers.

 They offer several photo blinds and even a neat tower you can view the grounds from. 

 We love viewing the wildlife at different times of the day to catch new animals and birds!

 My personal favorite trails are those with the wooden pathways (pictured above). They have a few and each view something different. There is also a Bald Eagle called “Liberty” you can visit who unfortunately was injured and can’t be released back into the wild.

  Whether you visit this Audubon Center see if you have one in your area! 

They offer tons of creatures, walking, slithering & flying among you. It’s a perfect way to educate, get in shape and make memories with your kids if you have them.

Have you ever been to a Audubon Center??

Let us know which one’s you enjoy in the comments below!!