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Benefits of working for yourself featuring Dune Ventures

How neat would it be to get FREE stuff sent to you?? Or travel the world in exchange for writing about it?? How about selling your talents through a consulting business?? I know I talk a lot about the hard work
behind this website. I talk about the long hours because I wish I had known how much work was behind the scenes before starting. Would it have changed my mind about starting this business/website?…… NO! I just wished someone had told me these things because I would have focused on things a
lot differently. If you are ready to blog or start your own consulting business this post WILL help you!

This post was in collaboration witDune Ventures. All opinions are 100% my own.

I first started
blogging on a whim. I was teaching finance classes and sold things on eBay as my full time job.
Many people took my classes and I was traveling to different cities every weekend. It became VERY overwhelming. I decided to then start THIS website. I figured this way I could reach more people and help them rather than
continue to travel with a small child. Thus, my consulting career started in conjunction with this website. Funny, to look back on it now, as I
travel the world with my son while writing. 

I love my job but in the beginning it was simply making money on the side that made me leave my
corporate job and having my son! If you have not decided to really get into
blogging or working for yourself…. I suggest starting off doing it as a hobby first. Gaining a following takes
time. I wish I had a secret magic way to instantly become famous but that is
just not how it works. You either buy followers- I DO NOT SUGGEST DONG THAT- or
you get them the old fashion way…hard work! 

Honestly there are so many ways to make money these days. I would be lying if I said it was not easy to land jobs in the consulting world. You just
need to know where to look. If you excel in Social Media offer to help other
bloggers who are less Tech Savvy. Become a VA or Virtual Assistant! They makes some serious
cash by helping do online tasks other people don’t have time for!! I know several people who help out with LINK threads on Facebook and
average $15 each. To simply ReTweet, PIN or Share someone’s content on social media.
If you did 20 groups at $15 each that is $300 a day!!
  Not really a techy person? More of a artsy
type, offer to create Media Kits. Again, I have friends who sell those
templates for $25-50 EACH. You find 20 bloggers who need a professional Media
Kit and VOLA money in the bank.

Blogging/consulting is about about connections, companies, content
and readers. I have read so many “How-to” books saying you have to choose ONE
niche. I tried this “one niche” idea and found I burnt out quickly. I can only
write about gardening posts for so long before I have run out of ideas. I have so MANY talents/interests that I can sell. At first, I focused on
Parenting, Traveling and Recipes. Nowadays they call it “lifestyle” writing. I can umbrella several topics under one title. This allows me
to work with several companies and write several different types of content. I
do not get bored AND I can really focus on my passions! If you are going to work for yourself you NEED to stay focused and passionate about what you are doing. 

Why did I take the plunge into the consulting business world? My reason WHY is nine years old and has the cutest dimples you ever did see. We never had to hire a babysitter because I worked from home. I never had to miss doctor appointments or waste my life away in a thankless job. We travel the world together because my “jobs” has these benefits!! While he grows so does my business empire setting an example you can do anything you put your mind to! If you are thinking about taking the step into self-employment….make sure it fits your family. From someone who already has….I can honestly say I would 100% do it all over again!