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Our Visit to the Chapman State Park in Pennsylvania

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”⁣ ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo⁣

We decided in this new “normal” we are going to start exploring more “Off the Beaten Paths” Hiking trails, kayaking streams and exploring State Parks. ⁣I never realized how many State Parks were near us, until I made it a conscious decision to visit as many as we could.

 This past weekend we explored the Chapman State Park in Pennsylvania. The park is a 862-acre Pennsylvania state park in Pleasant Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania near Clarendon, in the United States. 

 While we practiced Social distancing (wearing masks, keeping 6 feet apart) I was happy to report the bathroom facilities were open. Things like the beaches to swim were not. It is a catch and release if you are interested in fishing (excluding trout). We don’t have a PA license but if we rent a cabin in the future I might look into getting one.

Fun fact: I spotted this tunnel next to a Dollar General, on our way to Chapman State Park coming from Warren, PA. It’s tucked away barely visible if you are cruising down the road. It’s a fully functional NARROW road! Some of the BEST places or captures end up being things I pull over to photograph.

I hope to add our “hiking” explorations of the Outdoors weekly. Since we can’t do much else given New York is still pretty “closed down”. Send any State park/Hiking area suggestions you might recommend.

What is your favorite place to hike?? ⁣
Favorite State Park?? ⁣