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How to make a Strawberry Patch

My mother has always had a Rockin’ Strawberry Patch! Every year I hear about how cool it is to pick strawberries and I have to say I was a little jealous. So this year I got on board and started my own.

What you will need:

Strawberry Starts (I suggest these because they are much easier then starting from seeds)

A nice plot of soil (I did till mine)

A planter handheld shovel (I use a Black &Decker AWESOME-SAUCE)

Straw (helps keep rodents out and moisture in) 

First I tilled up the soil and added some “topsoil”.

This just helps my dirt because it is a clay like consistency.

Then I started digging holes to place the Starts in. 

I dug done to the level 4 on my handy dandy shovel.

The roots on these particular starts were rather long. 

As I weeded before planting I would save them.

 I also saved any roots or leaves I found when digging holes in a bucket. 

This was a nice treat for our Chickens.

If you can recycle and use everything then you won’t have very much waste to clean up.

Plus, you will have Happy Chickens! 

After you plant your starts- I placed them a few feet apart from one another in rows- lay straw over top. Now I piled dirt around them forming a hill to help the plants have some strength verses the rain. The straw will help keep moisture in and protect the very fragile starts. I am super excited about this patch I really hope we see some yield although I probably won’t until next year.


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  1. Unknown
    February 15, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Is it true that certain types of strawberry plants only produce for a few years? If so can the runners be removed from the mother plant and eventually produce?